Monday, November 10, 2008

Turkey Time...

Love this Martha Stewart Turkey Platter! I got it this weekend ON SALE at MACY'S for only $15 buckaroos! You should definately check out to see if there are any left! I love Thanksgiving...Turkey Day is one of my favorite holidays!

Kisses everywhere...

Ok...the title of this blog may seem a bit indecient, but I'm not talking about real kisses...the candy ones. The MAN (aka my husband) set up this whole scavenger hunt with candy hugs & kisses from Hersey's! He hid 50 of them around our house, car, and at my work two weeks before Halloween (which was great to candy around this time!). He knows I don't love chocolate, but it was more the point of the game. According to the amount of kisses and hugs I found determined what type of date we were going to have that weekend. Now, I would have been happy with any kind of date, but let's just say I'm a little COMPETITIVE... okay, a lot competitive! Anyways, I got the highest amount at the end of the week and I also got to trade in all those candy kisses/hugs for the real ones! It was a fun game and great date!

Even though I love sharing the creative wonderful ways my husband is learning to show love to me, that isn't the point of this blog. During the week of hunting for the candies, I started feeling very aware of his affection for me. I told him that everytime I would see a kiss lying next to the lamp at work or in my hair stuff basket in the hall closet...IT MADE ME SMILE. It was like this visible I LOVE YOU notes everywhere!!!

Still getting to my point...

After that week was up and after I won an amazing date...I still kept finding those candies EVERYWHERE! I got the highest amount, but he didn't make me find ALL he hid to get the best date. I've been amazed that I've over looked these kisses & hugs in the most obvious of places. Today was such a place...the bathroom at work. There is a picture hanging in our work bathroom that I see often (obviously), and right on top was a SHINY silver kiss! How in the world did I miss that one! Staring at me, inviting me to find it...just in my reach. I laughed thinking, " Huh, Scott's love was right here, and I didn't even notice it."

Well, then that really got me thinking about how I overlook his love for me in other ways. Things he does and says everyday that I simply miss. What a sad loss for me not to be able to enjoy those tokens of affection.

How greater a loss to miss out on God's kisses & hugs hidden EVERYWHERE. It made me wonder what I miss out on because I'm so used to my surroundings or so comfortable with that love. Where do we not turn and see some measure of God's love. This tiny insight has made a HUGE difference in being sure to look around for the Lord's mighty love in the everyday landscape of my life.

Thank you Scott for sharing your kisses and hugs & for helping me see the bigger picture! I hope none of us miss out on all of Christ's affections for us simply because we are distracted or are too comfortable where we are!
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