Friday, June 26, 2009

Master Bedroom...Show us where you live!

Here is our room...and I really love it. It's super small, but it's very serene and calming!
Going in from the hall way...

Love this cross that hangs on our closet door the immediate right of entering the room.
I made our painted monogram above the bed. The coolest thing about the headboard is it is super old and passed down from my parent's...and back farther.

This sits on my nightstand. My nanny's dish and my favorite pic of my Mimi!
Our bedding is soo great. Love the colors....relaxing!
These fake (sorry Nester) orchids sit on the old cedar armoire. They are soo pretty.
Book shelf...our wedding pic above...our first picture middle of top shelf...then a pic of us on the beach from our honeymoon.

another angle...told you small room!
Hope you enjoyed the look head over to Kelly's to get more master bedroom ideas! Have fun!

A few pics from Nina and Scott's wedding... a little late!





breath taking moments

so glad to be apart of your day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Finished Product!

So THREE yards of gorgeous fabric, made these 3 fun things:
Table Runner

Pillows for the couch

And finally...
A skirt for our sudo desk...sofa table...end table...uh, everything table!

Seriously, I'm super happy with all three projects. I can't believe how easy and cute they turned out! Can't wait to try out more projects with my seamstress (Mom)!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hear It for the Boys...iHeartfaces contest

My nephew is ALL I totally thought of him when I saw the title for the contest this week. He's such a cutie and loves to play ball (football, baseball, or basketball..really any kind)

I love my Daddy...Father's Day and his 75th B-day

The Father-t0-be...doesn't look scared at all, right?!?!
sweet...even boys can be sweet to their dad's
my brother with his girls
all his blessings : )
wonderful...Godly....funny...kind....handsome...THE BEST=
Happy 75th and Father's Day!

The Process

I'm never really good with this part of life: the process. Work wise, spiritually speaking, and definately not when I have something in mind that I really want to see finished. When I get an idea or project in my mind, I want it done then! This is usually why many things don't get finished because I get frustrated with "the process" it takes to complete something!

So here is the process of the gorgeous fabric being made into something quite cute and useful. I think I only survived this process because my Moma was there to make it fun. It was really a memorable thing to do together, and I hope we work on many more projects together! (hint hint MOM...Remember us talking about my kitchen window treatment?!?!?!)

Can't wait to show you the finished products!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


NEW Fabric....
can't wait to show you guys what I did with this beauty!
NEW Camera accessory...
I was the winner of a *Shey* [B] Camera Strap over at Lindsey's Imperfect. I LOVE it. You should go check out her stuff at her Etsy Store. There are soo many cute ones. Thanks Lindsey and Shealynn. It's makes my camera even happier : )

NEW glasses....
it's about time. I lost mine during the move last year into our house. Been living on only contacts for way too long. I thought they were feminine, sweet, and old-fashioned looking!

NEW things make life soo fun! Hope you guys are having a good weekend.
Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Father's in our lives!

Monday, June 15, 2009

outside lovelies...

Isn't this flower gorgeous. It's one of my favorites in our yard right now. There are soo many reasons to love summer and brightness is only one of them.
One of the other is enjoying outside of our houses...We are definately enjoying it now. We were given the wonderful LARGE hammock in the background as a wedding present. It's so comfy! We soo don't lay out there enough! We were given our table & chairs from my SIL's MIL...haha...figure that one out. Thanks Shelia! We only had to find cushions and an umbrella.
And we picked out this festive summer print from K-Mart. I looked for months, and I couldn't believe how expensive these things are. I thought we'd never find a pattern we liked cheap enough to actually purchase. This is a close up view. I HEART the colors.
The funness on one of our chairs!
And a wonderful guest showed up the day we brought this stuff home, Fanny came to visit. She was another furry, family member before she decided she liked the neighbors better. Even though we miss her, it's nice just to have a little visit every now and then.
In a day or two, I'm going to share the most gorgeous fabric with you that I got today and show what I'm actually going to do with it. Have a great rest of the week!
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