About Me

Hello there!  Thanks for coming to read a little about my story.  It's an ordinarily, amazing one.  Full of fear, photographs, abiding love, hope, dirty diapers, lots of laughter, a little paint and mostly grace. You see more than anything my story was completely rewritten at the age of 13 when I started following after Jesus.  I'm just a girl who was wanting a life of simplicity with a family to call her own and oh boy, did God ever supply.

More specifically, He brought me alongside a fabulously handsome man. We've lived in wedded bliss since August 2008. God has also graciously, added three blessings to our little family.  He has even given me a sweet little photography business with my best friend {www.thousandhillsphotography.com}. I get to live out my dreams everyday.  So I like to glorify Him in the mundane by choosing joy, creating as much as I can and exposing His beauty everyday.

Thanks for coming a long with me.


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