Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nina's First Shower!!!

Nine years ago a girl from Germany came to live with my family for the school year.  We fell in love with her quickly and she fit right in with the Caraway's.  Anyways, we kept in touch after she went back to Germany and she even came to see us almost every year.  While living in the MC, she met a boy and continued to date him even after she left the U.S. Long story short, they got married and moved back home.  They married quickly at the courthouse so she could go ahead and stay in the States. But they planned a wedding and we just got to bless her with a shower! The best part is that this was her actual FIRST shower.  I don't mean for HER WEDDING, I mean EVER.  She had never been to a bridal shower because they don't have them in Germany.  It was a wonderful day and I only put a few of all the pics we took. 

ok...props to "Friend of the Year" for showing and helping me make her delicious truffles for the shower.  They were soo yummy and cute (even if they weren't Rach standards...she makes them way cuter)!  Rach, you are the best!  Thanks for your help!
I love this platter...I use it all the time!  Wedding gifts are the best!
Johnah had this cute idea to wrap our gifts in these bags and make a centerpiece out of them for the gift table.  This was before everyone came....the table was later loaded down and presents surrounding the table on the floor.  She got a lot of fun things!
We all made two desserts...this was my second.  I find it pretty funny that the girl who doesn't really like chocolate brought TWO Chocolate desserts.  Johnah made these really cute mint choc. brownies and April made her famous Red Velvet cupcakes and cream cheese icing...they are way too good.  Sondra, Nina's MIL made an amazing fruit salad that I seriously could not stop eating.  Anyways, everything turned out just perfect. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank goodness someone has a green thumb....


She helped me make our porch look pretty!!!
some other outside fun stuff:

our peony bush was gorgeous again this year!!!!

I love this looks good no matter what time of year!
just two...for me and my honey!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Our House Is a Very Very Bluff House....

Welcome to the Bluff house!
Over at
they are doing sort of a Tour of Homes!

This week is 
your living space, but i miss
ed the kitchen space last week.  So I'm combining both 
in this post! Hope you enjoy....lots oh pictures!!!

Through our front door!

This piece of furniture hides our tv and stuff.  Scott talked me into it at a thrift store and i love it!
on top. our engagement pic!

looking to the right of the front door!
looking right of the front door. my nanny's desk...i love it!
the whole wall and stairs.  isn't our "T" cute?!?!
from the stairs. I love our used to belong to Scott's dad.
Making the way into our kitchen. Go into hall and turn right.
my sis's old hutch that we painted black. 
On bottom of hutch...One of our wedding pictures, cake stand, and napkin holder from Jess E. ! 
looking into our kitchen. We painted all our cabinet's black and re-did our counter tops to white tile...including the back splash.  I love it! I always fell like our counter tops are so clean and fresh!
See, aren't they cute.  My trusty kitchen aid mixer and scott's trusty coffee grounder and coffee pot!  The cookie jar is my sentimental was at my house when I was growing up.  My mom was actually going to throw it away. I felt sad for the little owl! : )
I have such tiny counter space, but you have to keep a Southern Living cook book handy.  This was from my friend Abigail...a few years back. Love it!
Our China...Mikasa...Platinum Crowne and glasses to match. 
Our everyday dishes...can't even remember the name...something brand and the pattern is called picnic.  i love that they are white.  The little bowls are soo's part of a mini set we also got from our wedding at Kohls.

There were a few more details, but I thought you guys would be overloaded with any more pics!
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