Friday, May 8, 2009

Our House Is a Very Very Bluff House....

Welcome to the Bluff house!
Over at
they are doing sort of a Tour of Homes!

This week is 
your living space, but i miss
ed the kitchen space last week.  So I'm combining both 
in this post! Hope you enjoy....lots oh pictures!!!

Through our front door!

This piece of furniture hides our tv and stuff.  Scott talked me into it at a thrift store and i love it!
on top. our engagement pic!

looking to the right of the front door!
looking right of the front door. my nanny's desk...i love it!
the whole wall and stairs.  isn't our "T" cute?!?!
from the stairs. I love our used to belong to Scott's dad.
Making the way into our kitchen. Go into hall and turn right.
my sis's old hutch that we painted black. 
On bottom of hutch...One of our wedding pictures, cake stand, and napkin holder from Jess E. ! 
looking into our kitchen. We painted all our cabinet's black and re-did our counter tops to white tile...including the back splash.  I love it! I always fell like our counter tops are so clean and fresh!
See, aren't they cute.  My trusty kitchen aid mixer and scott's trusty coffee grounder and coffee pot!  The cookie jar is my sentimental was at my house when I was growing up.  My mom was actually going to throw it away. I felt sad for the little owl! : )
I have such tiny counter space, but you have to keep a Southern Living cook book handy.  This was from my friend Abigail...a few years back. Love it!
Our China...Mikasa...Platinum Crowne and glasses to match. 
Our everyday dishes...can't even remember the name...something brand and the pattern is called picnic.  i love that they are white.  The little bowls are soo's part of a mini set we also got from our wedding at Kohls.

There were a few more details, but I thought you guys would be overloaded with any more pics!


Aunt Theresa said...

You have such a warm, charming home! i love it!

Sarah Robbins said...

We have an R just like your T. I am slowly jumping on the monogramming ship. Your house is so cozy and welcoming. Thanks for inviting us in. :)

tests said...
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RachelD said...

I love your a matter of fact, I want to come over sometime soon. Dang test writing is about to take control for a couple weeks though. :)

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