Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Online favorites as of late

While I'm slacking at blogging lately and waiting (procrastinating) at editing pics (and putting stupid red hearts over my beautiful children's faces....Dang, 365 pictures a day project), I thought I'd post at least a few somethings. The somethings that are causing me to procrastinate. well, that and my husband hogging the computer on his soo not important life altering final project in his educational career up until this point. Seriously, what a brat! : )

Reading this. Kelle Hampton's blog, Enjoying the Small Things is always encouraging, but I'm loving this post! She had me at the Little Women's quote. I have a feeling most women are "a great many things". I know I am!!!

Crafting this. Ashley Ann has a BILLION and one things I wanna make with her DIY projects. Found her blog just a month ago and have looked through every single one of the ideas. My faves are: Chicken Wire Frame, Shadow box vintage kitchen display, a bit bohemian girls nursery/room.

Watching this. Ok, you guys know I'm super obsessed with the show Parenthood. I'm not sure you know how far my obsession has gone. Last night's episode was ah-mazing. For one, I love how they shoot the film, then I love the real life situations, and the writing just ties it all in beautifully. Today during kiddos nap, I was laughing/crying at the same time.

Cooking this. Sandra Lee is my kind of cook! I like to cook, but have a hard time committing to recipes taking longer than one hour. That is why I like Sandra's short recipes and easily bought items. I have and old trusty Strawberry cake recipe that came from her show Semi-Homemade. It's dangerously GOOD and I imagine this upside-down apple skillet pie is just as yummy. Hoping to make this soon. Don't worry there is healthy items on her site too!

Listening to this. I've been a Michelle Featherstone fan for awhile now. She is so soothing and her lyrics make me think/feel. Even better yet, one of her songs was featured on last night's Parenthood. Told ya, obsessed!

Buying this: HOLY COW, I want a photo gallery wall built around these custom frames! They are gorgeous colors and wonderfully made. I'll take one Lucy style frame in Mint color please!

Please pass on anything interesting you've guys found lately on this WONDERFUL portal of goodness! : )

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two little pics....

Day 105: My sweet friend, Haley and me at a 31 Party last week! I love getting together with the girls to talk, eat shower food (what we call finger foods) and well, talk! : )
Day 106: N got some new shoes thanks to Nana and GiGi spotting these at a thrift store! WOO HOO! Been looking for some pink chucks for awhile now. She's stylin' for sure!

Candy Snob

My kids will eat any type of candy. The junky ones from the bottom of the bag, the bank's dum dum suckers and even old crusty Halloween candy. They have no bias when it comes to the delicious sugary substance. Sadly, I'm sure they'd both eat it off the ground if they had the chance. I however have a BIG prejudice when it comes to candy. You might even call me a candy snob.

I was thinking about this today as I was attaching candy to our church Easter invitations. We are having neighborhood Easter egg hunts and handing them out with all the other treats. It's a great outreach opportunity and we have such a great church...but back to the important stuff : )!

Candy. Even as a child I knew the difference between the off brands and the good stuff. Called me spoiled, I don't care. Don't give me no cheap hard candies with no labels. Please never try to pass off the off brand candy corn to me during the fall, I know when it's Brach's and when it's not. : ) As a child, I HATED it when a sweet elderly person would reach in their purse/pocket promising candy only to pull out one of those strawberry things!!! GROSS! And don't get me started with Reese's Cup posers. So the same is true for me this holiday season as well. I'm occasionally enticed by the thoughts of collecting the children's baskets after egg hunts to "responsibly" search through them only to hide the GOOD STUFF for me and The Man. Hey, don't judge....remember, they don't care. They'll eat the crushed butterscotch at the bottom of the bag. Don't worry, I'm only (half) joking!

Anyways, In the spirit of CANDY SNOB's everywhere I'm going to CELEBRATE the good stuff.

Monday, April 4, 2011

My favorite pastime.

I like to use it in conversation like I'm heading to the Hampton's or a vineyard in California somewhere. But really alls I'm doing is...relaxing with my fam. No matter that it seems boring or mundane to most people... it makes me ecstatic. All we do is hang out on Bluff Hill, go to cousins games, visit family and eat out. Weekends bring me great joy and make me feel like royalty. The Man lets me sleep in, we make big breakfasts and all the everyday schedules go by the waste side. This weekend was no different:

Friday started a bit rough for our fantabulous weekending plans.... L had a stomach bug. But y Saturday morning he popped out of bed like he hadn't just lost half of his weight (joking, well sort of). So we decided to go on to Peyton's tournament that happened to be in town. * My family and hometown is the tiniest little town about thirty minutes from the city I live in now.

Remember how I love the show parenthood? It's because generally (not exact story lines) reminds me of my family. BIG, LOUD and ALL UP IN EACH OTHERS BUSINESS! : ) One of the first episodes, they were all in the stands cheering on a nephew. Well, that is exactly what we found ourselves doing yesterday. It's funny to see how defensive you can become when you over hear snide comments from other spectators. Everyone usually talks about how nice and sweet I am. Well, know that it's like waking a sleeping giant to hear you messing with my family! : ) Wow, I just sounded soo mean! Ha Ha. Anyways, this old man was standing behind the bleachers that were packed with the Caraway bunch. And he had a few comments that I was sure was directed at my nephew's performance. I ALMOST went back there to stand right beside him, but instead just kept turning to start at him as if in disbelief a grown man would put such pressure on a CHILD's game. Ok...I promise I'll get off this soapbox in just a minute. One last thing. I'm definitely competitive (ask The Man) and I can see when players aren't doing as they should. But again I go back to it's KIDS and they are just playing a GAME. And HE is my NEPHEW and well, he's pretty freakin' amazing! Ok.. I'm done. My sister and I kept laughing at how we might become "Those Moms" at our kids future games. And The Man just shook his head. : )

Anyways, we had a blast watching them. They happened to loose that game, but won the next. They ended up taking away 2nd place from the tourney. Go So. KY and GREAT JOB Peytie!!!
Day 103: We are so proud of our little Catcher!

We also started a new tradition at our home. L gets to sleep in his tent on the weekends! To this little boy, this is the BEST privilidege in the world. I don't think I've ever seen him go to be so quickly without a fight. I think he wanted his Daddy to stay with him, but Scott was just a little too long for the tent. : )
This is him before nap on Saturday...I'm telling you this made naps and bedtime so easy this weekend. I loved it!!! It also is getting us prepared for our hopeful camping trip this week!
Weekending also means eating all kinds of fun food. We consumed lots of nutritious and healthy meals .....oh and lots of cupcakes too!

Day 104: Out to lunch after church with my parents. Here is all the girls in our Sunday best!
Makes me sad for Mondays, except this week is SPRING BREAK!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead," 1 Peter 1:3
Thankful for Spring and praising God for the HOPE we have in ONLY HIM!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My week in objects

Day 87: Painting on a Sunday, just because! : )

Day 88: I know I know, but I had to give up my promises for this one. Seriously, this book makes me want to record The Man and my love story but just for us. I know a man that did that (the first ten years of marriage) and had it bound to give to her for their anniversary. What a GREAT gift!
Day 99: Laundry...everyday, but thought I'd get a REAL life picture of our living room!
Day 100: Doing anything to capture a little sunshine to bring into our home. With all the gloomy weather, sickness and just daily chaos... We NEED all the sunshine we can get. I think my favorite bouquets of flowers are the ones randomly thrown together. Like this one, just a few blooms stuck in an Alle 8 bottle. Makes me HAPPY!
Day 101: We had a meeting with one of our brides for this year and everytime we get ready for a wedding....I get sooo PUMPED! This is a photo book of various wedding shots we've taken. Love it and excited for all God is doing through our little business!
Day 102: Mommy/Daughter pedicures (from home of course).
She was so cute walking around looking down at her toes, saying "It cute" over and over!

A few I missed.

Day 84: My Moma got these ABSOLUTELY adorable house shoes for N. Aren't they just the cutest? She just loves wearing them around the house...taking them off and on!

Day 85: At home date night! Cuddling on the couch, with take out and watching the UK game!
Go Cats! It's funny, I'll have to do a whole post on our family and Wildcat basketball. But this is just a classic scene in my life. CHEERING FOR UK ALL MY LIFE.
I bought this apron for Em to go with some art supplies for her B-day. It turned out pretty cute, I think.
Day 86: She just loved her apron/art smock we got her. She looked just as cute in it!
I can't believe our baby is FIVE! She is just a precious little sunshine. Seriously, she makes us all laugh and smile all the time. Happy Birthday, Emerson.
All the cousins (except Coby and Dysin who weren't here for the party) partying it up together!

Friday, April 1, 2011


There are days I feel like hiding. Today may be one of them. I just put the littles down for a nap. We've been allergy sick/ear infection sick for what seems like far too long. Then as I was heading out to drop them at the sitters to go to work, L started puking. BOOOO!!!!

So I'm home where I really love to be best, but not sure staying in this infestation house is a happy place today. I HATE to see the kids sick. The Man is a BIG help, but everyone knows that you want your Moma when you are sick. So I have had two pretty needy babies lately, and I have a feeling today could get a little crazy.

About hiding, I've even found my spot. The other day after putting them down for an afternoon nap. I snuck away for LONG awaited shower. After I got out, I felt that overwhelming pattern of mommyhood take hold. Here is how it goes:

Oh that shower was so nice. Why didn't I get up early before they woke up to do this? Oh, I was exhausted. Why is N still coughing and waking up in the middle of the night with this allergy stuff? Dang weather and sprouting buds. I wonder when we'll get over this? I need to get more vitamins. And pull ups. Why can't L hold it through the night? Why didn't his bio. mom not try to potty train him when he was with's so much nicer. Why didn't she show at the last visit? What is the next few months going to look like? I wonder if we can get away next week on Scott's spring break? I hope the kids will be better. I still need to get stuff for their Easter baskets. How should I emphasize Christ's resurrection this holiday with the kids? What if they go back to their bio mom, will they remember anything about Christ?

Seriously, this is just my rambling mind in the few minutes while drying off. I felt the need to jump a plane and head to Hawaii. I mean there is no sickness, reality of life, fears or stress in Hawaii, right?

So I did the next best thing *ok the next best thing would be at least a beach somewhere, but the next best thing that I could do at that moment. I sat down wrapped in my towel on my plush lime rug in my new bathroom. The heat lamp is directly above it. I just sat there and breathed. It was soo quiet and I relished in it. Then I picked up a book and escaped away. I stayed there in that same position for at least thirty minutes.

Hiding isn't so bad, as long as your kids are sleeping.
Hiding isn't bad at all if you are doing it in Hawaii (even if only in your mind)!
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