Saturday, April 2, 2011

A few I missed.

Day 84: My Moma got these ABSOLUTELY adorable house shoes for N. Aren't they just the cutest? She just loves wearing them around the house...taking them off and on!

Day 85: At home date night! Cuddling on the couch, with take out and watching the UK game!
Go Cats! It's funny, I'll have to do a whole post on our family and Wildcat basketball. But this is just a classic scene in my life. CHEERING FOR UK ALL MY LIFE.
I bought this apron for Em to go with some art supplies for her B-day. It turned out pretty cute, I think.
Day 86: She just loved her apron/art smock we got her. She looked just as cute in it!
I can't believe our baby is FIVE! She is just a precious little sunshine. Seriously, she makes us all laugh and smile all the time. Happy Birthday, Emerson.
All the cousins (except Coby and Dysin who weren't here for the party) partying it up together!


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