Saturday, February 14, 2009


Guess who got a new haircut! ME!!! I was soo excited to finally get my hair shaped again by my fabulous stylist...Leah from House of Hair! She's awesome!
Here is the lovely, Rach! We had fun last weekend hanging out and chilling at Books-A-Million. I really wish we had a Barnes and Nobles! : (
For Valentines Day...we took the kids (our mentees) to Lowe's Build and Grow session. These are amazing for kids and families to do together! You work on a building project and this week the project was a jewelry box.
The Girls and Me!

I can't believe someone let me have a hammer! : )
Scott and Cory working on one for Cory's mom! She loved it!

My Valentines Day Present: This man did something amazing.....and I don't mean anything innappropriate! : )

He bought us new sheets for Valentines Day! Right after we got married, we switched our full bed for a queen size. Much easier to get a night's rest, but then all our pretty sheets didn't fit. So now we have pretty matching sheets thanks to this good-looking guy!
I racked up! He also got me some earrings and the first season of Criminal Minds. He always makes fun of me for watching criminal shows (he says that is all i watch)...but he must secretly love them since he bought me a WHOLE SEASON! : ) What fun gifts...he knows what I like!
Happy Valentines to everyone! Have a blessed day!

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