Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Innocent Wonder...i HEART faces

I did a recent photo shoot for this fabulous family. When I heard the title for the photo challenge over at I HEART FACES, I couldn't help but think of this shot. Sweet little Fable has such a look of wonder and joy on her cute face! If you'd like to see more Innocent Wonders, check out I HEART FACES. If you want to see more of the Rager Family Photo Session please go to www.thousandhillsphoto.com

I'll post some pictures soon of what we've been up to.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Day 18: So this has become a constant companion since my back injury has flared up. My Physical Therapist has me taken it often throughout the day for inflammation. I can tell when I've missed a dose because I'll get super stiff and hurt worse than normal. I do have an update and will blog about my back's future soon.
Day 19: Today was a nice day because I went to work, but Scott stayed home with the kids because of another snow day from school. I even got to come home early because we closed the store when the roads started freezing. Scruffles LOVES the snow...we call him our little arctic dog!
Day 20: Another snow day and I started to get worried about the kids' runny nose and occasional coughing. But we feared the weather and GOT OUT OF THE HOUSE! It was a great night because we celebrated my FABULOUS cousin, Cindy's birthday....Surprise style! She was surprised and we all enjoyed the birthday fun. Cindy is one of those people in your life that you can't remember a single memory where they weren't around growing up. She is like my BIG sister and I love her so much! I'm so thankful for her and two squirts (who are actually both in college...whoa, I'm feeling old).
Day 21: Visited the doctor this morning before heading to McLean Co. for a family dinner celebrating Scott and Dysin's birthday. Well, Plans changed quickly when Scott woke up sick and went to Urgent Care. I was still going to take the kids after their appointment because I knew it was most likely a cold and maybe an ear infection. They weren't acting sick, just a few symptoms. Found out L had bronchitis. We stayed home all day and READ lots of books. Here are a few of our favorites. Note to Gi Gi... two of our favorites were the ones you got the kids for Christmas. The Going to Bed Book has become a nightly HIT! Thank you!
Day 22: SICK...pretty much wraps up our home today. Stayed home from church and laid around all day. I'm so thankful to God that we got the kids into the doctor when we did. L was so pitiful today and I'm hoping we see some changes tomorrow morning!

Well, that's our last few days! Hope everyone had a good weekend.
I'm up soo late, but can't sleep after a check in with the kids to take temps, get drinks and give a dose of medicine. Oh well, nothing like catching up on blogging at 2:30 in the morning.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some of my favorites...

A & D Diaper Cream - When we were preparing to get children in our home, I hadn't set on favorite brands yet. If you remember, our wonderful family through us a shower. We got several different things of diaper cream, but I've found the winner. I know everyone has an opinion and different things work for different kids. These babes have some major skin issues. We obviously use this for bottoms, but also on chapped (face) cheeks, scratches, and irritated skin. It's been a miracle product for this family!
Speaking of skin (but for Mommy) I've always had dry skin in the winter. I normally hate hand creams because my hands feel so greasy and when it rubs off are still left dry. When i started my new job at Baker's Rack, I found the perfect hand creme. It's called La Source Hand Therapy by Crabtree & Evelyn. It's thick but not greasy. And it works for hours!

Fruity Cheerios- I can't say enough about this new cereal. I know, I know it's just cereal. But it's soo good and still whole grains. I've never been a big sugary cereal person. So it surprised me that I enjoyed it so much. Try them! Oh, and thanks Fynn and his Moma for introducing them to us.
My last review is probably what we've used the most (next to the A&D ointment) and it's Lysol wipes that are double sided. One side is normal, but the other has some grit to it for scrubbing. We use them every night to wipe off the table after the kids make lovely messes. They are great for cleaning bathrooms, kitchen counters and kids toys. I don't know how we'd clean without them.

Any new products I should know about that you guys love?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family Days....

Day 17: I'm going to LOVE being married to a school teacher because he is home when L is off from school so we've had great family days lately. Snow days and Martin Luther King Jr. day
This picture is of the kids drinking (what we assume) is their first shake at a local old timey diner!
They looked so cute sharing their choc. shake together.
The Man and I had to join in on the fun. L was trying to take this picture (he loves being a photographer), but the owner saw him struggling and helped him out.
Then we went bowling. Which was super fun and extremely comical!
Here is Daddy with the kids.
N thought she was so BIG rolling the ball down the lane.
I tried to stay sitting as much as I could. It helped to be closer to the ground as N tried to run out in the lane.
Our family of four is loving these relaxing, winter days!

Sunday Best...

Day 16: This was "N" after church on Sunday. Thanks to my good friend, Whitney we are stocked with adorable dresses. And seeing her with those on plus sweet little shoes and a big oh bow makes me so happy!
So I snapped a few pictures to remember how her cuteness makes me happy.
She was turning around for me to take pictures.
She's been coached!
: )
If it weren't for my love of yoga pants and sweats, I would want to return to the days when girls dressed up in pretty frocks everyday! But I love my yoga pants too much. : )

Day 12: What I've been craving and eating a lot lately: peanut butter & banana sandwiches!
: ) yum : )
Day 13: My niece Emerson came over to play while "L" was at school. The girls actually had fun together and I'm hoping for them to be good friends as they grow (hopefully we'll have that chance).
Day 14: Crocheting again (finally) and this is my latest project. Something for our photography visions with infants. Check out our photography at www.thousandhillsphoto.com. It's been hard to find a time and get back into the swing of crafting since we've gotten the kids.
Day 15: HAHA.... This picture cracks me up! This was seriously the ONLY picture we took this day and it's true to what it's been like the last few weeks. COLD weather and BAD backs and ATTACHED babies make for a very FULL couch! : ) We all look pretty rough in this picture, but it does depict REAL LIFE!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Day

Day 11: I got my wish! The Man was out of school and so was The Boy! : ) That makes for one happy mamma! We didn't have to do anything that day but BE TOGETHER!
So I declared snow days in our home A HOLIDAY!
We made a BIG yummy breakfast * blueberry muffins, eggs, and hashbrowns
: )
Then we went out and played in the snow. (or more like fell in the snow for the kids).
They were hysterical because all they wanted to do was roll around in the snow. Good thing I took a half hour to bundle them all up!
L almost surprised Scott with a snowball. But my man is too quick for that little whippersnapper! Let's say their was lots of wrestling and snow war!
Then we ALL took a BIG "rest" as L calls it. They napped a blessedly long time and we snuggled up to watch Little House. It's my most favorite past time.
We played and colored and played some more.
Then Scott made some homemade pizza. Working at Great Harvest paid off in more ways than one. He was always a good cook, but now he knows how to make yummy bread!

Seriously, my favorite pizza these days!
Anyone up for a Pizza Party at the Bluff house?
My favorite part of this day is having The Man home with us all day long!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Odds and Ends....

Day 9: Went to Lexington Bridal Fair with my good friend and partner in photography buisness, Jess! We had soo much fun having a girl's getaway day. We also stopped by her cousins to meet their new sweet daughter. This might have been one of my favorite shots of the day! Please check out our website: www.thousandhillsphoto.com
Day 10: I'm pretty in love with these piggies!!! They are just too cute! Today was just another manic Monday....just trying to survive the day with everyone happy. Children, fed, changed, baby girl naps, preschool drop off, feed me and baby girl in wal mart parking lot, grocery shopping, w/EVERYONE in O'boro, put away groceries, lay down for awhile b/c my leg felt like it was falling off, preschool pick up, naps, fix dinner, play w/kids, bathe kids, sing songs, brush teeth, read books, fall onto couch with husband. *praying for a snow day so he can be home with me tomorrow! : )

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Super Heroes!

Day 8: This picture is of Johnah's and my crew at our friend's house. It was her son's FIRST "Super Hero" birthday and they gave a costume to each kid that came. What a great idea! The kids went nuts and had a blast!
Here is the ADORABLE birthday boy and his GORGEOUS mama!
He was pretty neat eating his cake. I kept wanting to smear his hand all in it.
What's up with me and messy babies? I'm addicted to it.
It's plane, it's a bird, no it's
"N" !!!

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