Friday, January 7, 2011

End of the week recap.

Here was the rest of the week...

*Disclaimer: My pictures will sometimes have hearts over the faces of these sweet blessings we have in our homes because we aren't allowed to show their picture online.

Day 4: We are back to preschool these days. L absolutely LOVES school, and I enjoy the free hours with N! I can't believe how much he has learned in the past six months that he has been with us. We barely could make out a few words and now he makes up all kind of creative sentences. We are thankful to God for his preschool and teachers!
Day 5: This was the first day I went back to work since my back started hurting again. It was kind of long and I started to struggle about four o-clock (I work 10-6). But I MADE IT! I was glad to be back into the normal swing of life. Oh, the picture is of some of our crystal stemware in our stock room. I work in a local gift store that is soo cute and very fun to work for!
Day 6: Home with the kiddos most of the day. After we take L to school at noon, I bring N home to feed her lunch. They both eat pretty good. She especially does well eating fresh tomatoes...these are the grape ones. I'm thankful that they eat well and it makes me feel like I'm doing them some good. : )
Day 7: Today we woke up to a gorgeous blanket of snow. The kids were so excited to put on their boots and play as we got in the car. I felt bad rushing them away from the joyful weather, but I had to get to work. Their little faces were super cute as they took their first few steps into the Winter Wonderland.

I really love doing a picture everyday because it will be neat to look back at our year this way!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


MandaS said...

Wow. Its been a few weeks since I checked in with you and I LOVE all the new pictures. Your nieces and nephews are growing up WAY to fast. Makes me feel old. :) Love the picture a day idea and I know you are doing a wonderful job with those children. Love you and Miss you! P.S. Totally didn't know you had another job!

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