Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well, this is it. My mission statement...the main goal I have for 2011. BASK! The definition is: to lie in glory.

Well, I 'm here to tell you the GLORY of the Lord is everywhere...all around me and this year I'm going to bask in life! I will not let petty things get me down, I will not simply survive being a mother, I will not allow myself to have mediocre relationships, I will not sink into the background of a church, I will not get bored with writing in my journal, I will not give up on having amazing dates and plenty of romance with The Man, I will not spend too much money on things to clutter up my home, I will not sit on my butt when I could be serving someone else, I will not allow my body to grow old without a fight, I will not be too busy or sleepy to read God's Word (and other books), I will not hide indoors when it's plenty gorgeous outside, I will not put off for tomorrow what I could get done today, I will not miss time with my family/friends because life is busy, I will not give up on keeping a clean home, I will not be a boring mommy, I will not miss writing on my blog longer than a week, I will not sit around while their is a wonderful, RICH life that God gives us to BASK in.

Honestly, in the years past I've given up on new year goals. I think mainly due to the fact that I rarely kept them because they were driven by the wrong things (i.e. selfishness, comparison, or worldliness). But as the end of the year approached, I found myself thinking of soo many goals and aspirations for the new year. I think this could be because the last five months have been blessed because of the kids, but also extremely challenging. We were thrown into parenthood with obviously no experience. The Man was finishing up a full load of classes while working full time ( usually 3 or 4 a.m. until his classes started). I had started a new job that allows me to be at home more with the kids, but has me working on a few Saturdays a month so weekend family time was rare. It seemed life never slowed down for us to catch our breath. On top of this, we left our church in search of a new home to fellowship, started a photography business with my good friend, and decided to renovate our upstairs (big room) into the master suite while trying to still live up there. Yep, WE ARE SOO INSANE!!!

Anyways, all of this non sense and some self observations of myself, parenthood, marriage and our home made me feel the need to want better for us all. I started thinking what if life could look different. Not frustrating, hard or trying. But more exciting, adventurous and joyful. It's really all about perspective and that is what I've decided that really needs changing for 2011. God has given us everything that we need to live this life to the fullest for HIM! So all my goals are wrapped up in the package of my motivation being to lie in the glory (of Him).

I'm excited by it and am trying it out already (even though I still can't walk great because of my stupid back problems).

The Man and I had a great date last night (the first time I left the house besides our parents homes since I hurt my back). It was lovely and our talks were amazing! It solidified my thoughts of a change for life on Bluff Hill.

So here it goes. 2011 is looking promising already!

* oh, along with a friend, I'm trying to do a picture a day for a year to document our home for 2011. This was taken this morning before I officially decided to do this (about an hour ago). I thought it was fitting. N playing with play doh.... makes me think of all the possibilities and all that God has shaped for our family this year!

Day 1


sarahe said...

great "resolutions" here's to a new year!

Jessica said...

I'm am praying that 2011 is all these things and more, sweet friend!

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