Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some of my favorites...

A & D Diaper Cream - When we were preparing to get children in our home, I hadn't set on favorite brands yet. If you remember, our wonderful family through us a shower. We got several different things of diaper cream, but I've found the winner. I know everyone has an opinion and different things work for different kids. These babes have some major skin issues. We obviously use this for bottoms, but also on chapped (face) cheeks, scratches, and irritated skin. It's been a miracle product for this family!
Speaking of skin (but for Mommy) I've always had dry skin in the winter. I normally hate hand creams because my hands feel so greasy and when it rubs off are still left dry. When i started my new job at Baker's Rack, I found the perfect hand creme. It's called La Source Hand Therapy by Crabtree & Evelyn. It's thick but not greasy. And it works for hours!

Fruity Cheerios- I can't say enough about this new cereal. I know, I know it's just cereal. But it's soo good and still whole grains. I've never been a big sugary cereal person. So it surprised me that I enjoyed it so much. Try them! Oh, and thanks Fynn and his Moma for introducing them to us.
My last review is probably what we've used the most (next to the A&D ointment) and it's Lysol wipes that are double sided. One side is normal, but the other has some grit to it for scrubbing. We use them every night to wipe off the table after the kids make lovely messes. They are great for cleaning bathrooms, kitchen counters and kids toys. I don't know how we'd clean without them.

Any new products I should know about that you guys love?


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