Monday, January 3, 2011

Already slippin....

HA HA! Note to self when you publish something for anyone in the world to read, know that it will be really hard to do! : ) Yesterday was a rough day. Because of our renovations for our master suite, Scott and I have our clothes in with the kids' closets. Obviously, that was a NUTTY idea and all of our clothes have been everywhere. Well, as we were trying to get the kids ready for church yesterday morning, I was having some major trouble. I had Scott hunting for L's nice shoes and I was bent over (in my back pain) digging through piles of clean clothes for tights for N. I was needless to say grumpy by the time we left. I was hurting, feeling like a failure for letting our clothes get out of hand and wanting to go back to bed to start the day over. The sermon was good and got me out of my funk! But then as I was laying in bed last night, I realized I never posted my picture for the day. So here is yesterday's and today's!

Day 2: The only picture that I took that turned out good was what I made for dinner. It is soo yummy, Swiss Chicken. Here is the recipe. It is yummy!!!

Day 3: Today's pic is because it was the Man's first day of Student Teaching. His last and final semester until his degree is completed! YEAH! He looks so handsome and teacherly ( ha) I had to take a picture of him!


Paul & Merideth said...

Love it!!! :) Can I come eat dinner @ YOUR house!?! And Scott looks so fun! Time flies, I can't believe it's time for his student teaching now! What a fun "first day of school" picture! :) Love y'all! xoxo!

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