Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Catch Up: Christmas!

I have soo many more good pictures, but to be honest... I'm so dang tired of putting hearts on these cute faces on

Something else to be honest about and what I was talking to the Man today about is how I've had two not so fun holiday seasons. Last year, I got the stomach bug the week of Christmas and couldn't really eat anything until New Year's.....BOO! Oh, and I couldn't hold or play with my sweet nieces and nephews because I was afraid I'd pass it on to them.

This year, three days before Christmas, my back started giving me trouble again. Why I say again is because about five years ago, I had a horrific back pain for months. I found out it was a herniated disc and God saw fit to fix it with just physical therapy. Well, this time I could barely move or walk, and BONUS I now am the caretaker for two sweet blessings. Obviously, this time around with back pain has been different because of the kiddos. Christmas was sort of a let down because I couldn't do or be all that I wanted it to be.

But I must say, It was still rich with blessings and the children seemed to not know anything different. We thankfully had looked at lights, saw a Christmas program and done lots of Christmas fun before I re-injured my back. Even while I was in pain, I tried to make it special for them. I hobbled around while we made cookies. Scott was such a trooper to be "both" of us so I could give my back a break. My family and his also made it amazing for the kids.

Here are a few of the memories made...
Christmas outfits in front of Nana and Papaw's tree!
Our family!
My bro, Pat helping his daughter Emerson open presents.
One of my gifts from moma, a bowl she saw me lingering on at a thrift store in North Carolina. I seriously have the best Moma who knows exactly what I like!
I'm in LOVE with this picture of Fynn. I obviously, have an abundance of cute nieces and nephews. They are all just gorgeous... all EIGHT of them! : )

B/W, this was Christmas morning at my parents. Every year we stay the night their with my sister and her family (my bro's fam just lives next door). It was a help having others to watch and pick up the kids. But let's just say we are running out of room with the expansion of both our families this year. It was fun trying to find spots for everyone to sleep!

We wake up to the same breakfast casserole that we have since I was a little girl and then open stockings together. It's one of my favorite parts of the holiday!
My Daddy reading the story of the birth of Christ. I will cherish this photo forever because it's what I love and remember from growing up: My Daddy reading his Bible!
Granny (Scott's Mom) got the kids matching p.j.s that we could iron on their names. They were too cute and the kids LOVED them!
Key and Papa (Scott's grandparents), got all the grandkids HUGE lollipops for a Christmas treat. Needless to say they were all very happy (and sticky)!
My wonderful in-loves!
These two sweetHEARTS : ) obviously made our holidays more exciting and memorable.
What an added blessing to our salvation in Christ, marriage, health, family, friends and many other gifts from God!


sarahe said...

so glad you were able to make such wonderful memories despite your back!

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