Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Day

Day 11: I got my wish! The Man was out of school and so was The Boy! : ) That makes for one happy mamma! We didn't have to do anything that day but BE TOGETHER!
So I declared snow days in our home A HOLIDAY!
We made a BIG yummy breakfast * blueberry muffins, eggs, and hashbrowns
: )
Then we went out and played in the snow. (or more like fell in the snow for the kids).
They were hysterical because all they wanted to do was roll around in the snow. Good thing I took a half hour to bundle them all up!
L almost surprised Scott with a snowball. But my man is too quick for that little whippersnapper! Let's say their was lots of wrestling and snow war!
Then we ALL took a BIG "rest" as L calls it. They napped a blessedly long time and we snuggled up to watch Little House. It's my most favorite past time.
We played and colored and played some more.
Then Scott made some homemade pizza. Working at Great Harvest paid off in more ways than one. He was always a good cook, but now he knows how to make yummy bread!

Seriously, my favorite pizza these days!
Anyone up for a Pizza Party at the Bluff house?
My favorite part of this day is having The Man home with us all day long!


Nichole said...

Post the bread recipe!!! :) Love your pic/blog a day. It's fun to keep up with you guys!! What a blessed family you have!

Barry and Amy said...

SO sweet!

Paul & Merideth said...

I looooove you people! :) Please, could you be any cuter!?!? All FOUR and one furry one of you!?!?!

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