Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Catch Up: L's Fourth Birthday!

One of my goals for 2011 is to keep up on my blog with what is going on here on Bluff Hill. So here is my attempt to catch up. Dang lost camera charger who is to blame for my tardiness!

We celebrated Thanksgiving morning a very special boy's 4th Birthday! He had a football party on Sunday after, but we decided to start this new tradition in our home.... CAKE for BREAKFAST!!! It was so exciting and I can't tell you how cute his face was when he saw the surprise.
We also gave him one of his presents (every kid should get a present on their actual birthday!).
To bad I can't show you his cute little face beaming up at the candles. I LOVE this picture and will treasure this memory forever!
Good ole' simple, choc. cake was a pretty yummy breakfast too.

He loves to open presents and could hardly wait.
He is pretty in love with his "game" which is actually a leapster with some books. He plays with it often and I hope it will encourage reading and letter sounds. We'll see. : )
All and all, I'm pretty sure L is excited to be FOUR!
Especially since he's been telling us he is four since we got him! : )


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