Monday, January 10, 2011

Odds and Ends....

Day 9: Went to Lexington Bridal Fair with my good friend and partner in photography buisness, Jess! We had soo much fun having a girl's getaway day. We also stopped by her cousins to meet their new sweet daughter. This might have been one of my favorite shots of the day! Please check out our website:
Day 10: I'm pretty in love with these piggies!!! They are just too cute! Today was just another manic Monday....just trying to survive the day with everyone happy. Children, fed, changed, baby girl naps, preschool drop off, feed me and baby girl in wal mart parking lot, grocery shopping, w/EVERYONE in O'boro, put away groceries, lay down for awhile b/c my leg felt like it was falling off, preschool pick up, naps, fix dinner, play w/kids, bathe kids, sing songs, brush teeth, read books, fall onto couch with husband. *praying for a snow day so he can be home with me tomorrow! : )


JulianneB said...

Yeah, you got your snow day...enjoy.

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