Friday, September 25, 2009

The Rusted Pail...

Don't you love

love these pictures?

I do!

If I ever had an antique/junk store or etsy store (of course i couldn't make anything to actually sell..haha). But if I did...I would call it the Rusted Pail. It's such a great name and I love these pictures. I snapped them quickly at a Senior Photo Shoot I shot recently in an alley way.

What would you name your store?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lovely Friends in Love

We had some friends in town from Texas. The Man and I love them soo much that we try each time their in town to convince them to move here. This time I took a few pics for them.

These were some of my favorites!

They are too cute and there were really too many good ones to display.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

How I know Autumn is here....

My husband planted some pumpkin and dwarf pumpkin seeds from our last years pumpkins...and guess what?

they are here!


wait for it...

she's back...

Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte
ok...i don't drink coffee so i guess i actually get the pumpkin spice steamer!
whatever it's still yummy!

Wishing you all...
  • crisp, cool football weather
  • mountains of colorful leaves
  • bright orange pumpkins
  • yummy apple pies
  • snuggly warm sweaters
  • wonderful autumn moments with those you love

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

easy italian...

I love to cook, but am intimidated by difficult recipes. My poor, sweet MAN gets shorted because of my lack of self confidence. : )

The Man and I LOVE food! Most food...any food, really! One of our favorites though is Italian. And what is better than Italian....

Easy Italian.

Here is step by step to the easiest, but yet quite yummy Italian meal I make.

Step One: Take JUMBO pasta shells and stuff with Ricotta Cheese (while shells are still hard)
Step Two: Place spinach (or mushroom or peppers or whatever you like...we HEART spinach in this house).
Step Three: Buy the yummiest sauce around (Bertolli's Vodka Sauce) and spoon it over every last shell ...may take two jars depending on size of casserole. I also add the tiniest bit of water sometimes to make sure EVERY part of EVERY shell is covered by some type of gooiness.
Step Four: Sprinkle with magic cheese...okay, just Kraft Italian Five Cheese...but seriously, this stuff is magic to me. And I could totally be a cheese expert!
Step Five: Bake in oven at 375 degrees until shells are soft and cheese is bubbling!
Step Six: ENJOY a easy, yet tasty meal with your loved ones!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

you are invited...

To view my most recent shower invitations!

but first let's get a word from our sponsors (ok, i really don't have any sponsors, but these products rock). I couldn't have done the job without them.
Distressed Ink by Hanger - color: brushed corduroy
Elmer's Dotliner. my most recent favorite adhesive for scrapbooking/cardmaking.

the best thing is that i got it for a dollar at MightyDollar! : )
so, my baby sister is having her first baby (bouncing boy) in November.
I was so excited to make her invitations to the shower we are throwing her.
step one: be cheap and buy $2 prepackaged thank you cards (25 a box). Print cutesy sayings or pics for girly fun on cordinating scrapbook paper. then cut paper and stick to cards to cover ugly "thank you".
Step 2: then corner round all edges and "distress" card edges by softly rubbing a stamp pad.
Step 3: have a fabulous friend, RACH, help you tie knots cause you've never been good at tying knots. She's the best!
and a great knot maker!
Didn't they turn out cute! The front says: Look hoo's having a baby!
Get it, hoo... owl...yeah, i'm pretty clever.
ok, i'm not, I stole the idea from the internet. at least i'm clever to steal ideas off the internet.
Step 4: Type up the inside on cordinating scrapbook paper (well, some I blotted out for privacy) but pretty much the details.
But isn't his name the cutest...I love it! FYNN, I can't wait to meet you and kiss your face!!!
Step 5: REPEAT steps 1 -4 oh about 60 times. whew...I'm tired.
Oh, yeah, i still have the shower to throw.
at least these are out of the way.

you know i really had a blast making's just much more fun acting tired and all from the brilliant, creative work : )

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