Tuesday, September 1, 2009

you are invited...

To view my most recent shower invitations!

but first let's get a word from our sponsors (ok, i really don't have any sponsors, but these products rock). I couldn't have done the job without them.
Distressed Ink by Hanger - color: brushed corduroy
Elmer's Dotliner. my most recent favorite adhesive for scrapbooking/cardmaking.

the best thing is that i got it for a dollar at MightyDollar! : )
so, my baby sister is having her first baby (bouncing boy) in November.
I was so excited to make her invitations to the shower we are throwing her.
step one: be cheap and buy $2 prepackaged thank you cards (25 a box). Print cutesy sayings or pics for girly fun on cordinating scrapbook paper. then cut paper and stick to cards to cover ugly "thank you".
Step 2: then corner round all edges and "distress" card edges by softly rubbing a stamp pad.
Step 3: have a fabulous friend, RACH, help you tie knots cause you've never been good at tying knots. She's the best!
and a great knot maker!
Didn't they turn out cute! The front says: Look hoo's having a baby!
Get it, hoo... owl...yeah, i'm pretty clever.
ok, i'm not, I stole the idea from the internet. at least i'm clever to steal ideas off the internet.
Step 4: Type up the inside on cordinating scrapbook paper (well, some I blotted out for privacy) but pretty much the details.
But isn't his name the cutest...I love it! FYNN, I can't wait to meet you and kiss your face!!!
Step 5: REPEAT steps 1 -4 oh about 60 times. whew...I'm tired.
Oh, yeah, i still have the shower to throw.
at least these are out of the way.

you know i really had a blast making these...it's just much more fun acting tired and all from the brilliant, creative work : )


RachelD said...

Whoot whoot --- my hands were featured on your blog! :)

ChristinK said...

Beautiful invites!

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