Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Old memories and random happenings.

So most would be ashamed to admit this, but I've been reliving my teenage years by watching Dawson's Creek.  Oh my goodness....it's soo weird watching it now as an adult.  
It's still pretty addicting.

Makes me want to go on a date to applebees and the movies.
or take long summer drives with friends just to be driving.
or girls together watching a silly WB show while painting our toe nails.

Makes me want to be 17 again.
awww...those were the days.

So I had a freakin awesome date night the other night and as I was driving home from dropping our sitter off, I heard Edwin McCain's solitude - acoustic version.
It could be the fact that I was still high from a fabulous kid free date. Maybe it was having my windows down, listening to a late 90's song. Watching hours of Dawson's Creek over the past few weeks haven't helped.  But for a few minutes on that drive home...I almost felt 17 again.
Instead of being a 30's something stay at home mom.
I was young, care-free and had all my life ahead of me.

I was talking to Scott the other day, about how we used to sit and dream about our kids.  What they'd look like, how many we'd have and all that good stuff.  And BAM...here we are...THREE KIDS.  They are here and these are our kids. 

I pretty much LOVE my life.  Seriously, it's all I dreamed of and joys daily.
17 was good.
That time of life was fun, but it's over.
Life is now and we've been living it fully this summer.
I thought we'd have a real relaxing, laid back few months.

But here are very few moments where we've been home with nothing to do but be home.
 making forts out of blankets
 seeing how many meals i can get out of the garden goodies my Daddy dropped off
 and we've been doing a little of this
 catching up on some rest
 peace. blissful peace.
 We put her in the bumbo seat while we eat supper. 
(don't worry, we never walk away leaving her unattended)
She usually looks around at us and stares at our food.
But today the busy days must have caught up with her.
Sooo stinkin cute!
staring at this precious face makes 17 look seem kind of dim.

I'll just relive 17 while watching the Joey/Dawson/Pacey triangle and listening to Edwin McCain songs. 
: )

Thursday, June 21, 2012

happy little campers

it's late and i'm tired.
long day of family fun and now i've been editing for the past two hours.
i've been meaning to blog about our camping trip.
i was a little nervous about taking Liv being so young, but she did awesome.
and we had a blast!

so instead of a long journaling about all the memories we made...here are some pictures and some short captions.
first camping trip as a family of five
 baby girl is such a trooper
 especially when daddy is holding her
 i'd go on any adventure as long as he is on it.
making smores
the man was soo excited about his marshmellows the size of your head
 our campsite...thanks Grandaddy for letting us borrow your tent
 our little miss, she is such a great outdoors girl
 playing in the lake
 my lil man, always up for an adventure
we survived with babe in tow and made some wonderful memories

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

my blue Italian lake...

I have to admit as much as I'm living my dream life, being a mama and married to a wonderful man....
I miss aspects of the other dreams I used to have.

Writing. Traveling to different countries. Working with inner city children. Painting. 
Wearing a two piece again (totally joking on that one). 

But seriously, I am a dreamer and have other dreams that do not involve my kids. 
That's not bad to admit...it's the truth. 

I do know one thing though, when you have kids you choose to put those to the side if need be.
And the truth is, I'd choose them over and over again.

I'll still dream, but whenever I feel blue...
I'll look at how full my life is because of these three!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father Knows Best

That is pretty much how I feel about the fathers in my life.  I really appreciate all they do.  But mainly, I'm thankful that I have them to come to when I need advice.  Obviously, my whole life I've gone to my Daddy when in need of some wisdom.  He's helped me make decisions on everything from school work, friendship arguments, car problems, career choices, boy problems, and now child rearing issues.   I know my father isn't perfect, but his advice has never failed me.  I do however have to add the fact that he is a little crazy when it comes to his grandchildren : ) He is always telling us to be more careful with the babies and other over protective comments.  But see, it's still sound advice....we can always be a little more protective : )  Anyways,  I can sum up my Daddy in one word: Faithful.  He is always faithful to provide love, help with problems, make it to tball games, make amazing meals and being there for us all the time.  Thank you Daddy and Happy Father's Day!!!

The other (newer) father in my life is my MAN!!!  He is just as wise and dependable.  I'm so thankful to have him as my partner in this journey in parenthood.  I've always been able to go to him for small issues and BIG problems.  The washing machine isn't working right, the kids have been going through some situation, when I've lost site of my priorities, the moments of being overwhelmed with all my obligations and many many other moments of going to him produce the same result....PEACE and CLARITY.  He helps me calm down, brings me into the light and most of all points me to Jesus!  I've always heard girls look for someone like their father and in this case I would say they are right.  Scott is just as good, level-headed and Godly as my Daddy.  Thankful I did not settle all those years I was waiting for "the one".  Single ladies....don't give up!  You want God's best for your forever *through rough times, kids, changes and lots of years* rather than what you assume would be your best right now.  GOD has been GOOD to me and I'm filled with JOY!  I love you, honey!  Hope you enjoyed your BIG day!

more on father's day in another post.  we made some fun surprises for our Daddy!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

bad day hangover

all day long.
been having a bad day hangover all day.
yesterday was one of those horrible bad days like alexander had.
ever read that book?

one of those days that can't be recovered with
white choc. truffles, some great blog reading, and even a marathon of dawson's creek on netflix.

i'm tired, i had a sweet girl with an ear infection, got some not so great news, had a less than perfect *this would be the understatement* kind of mommy day.  all the dishes piled up and my washing machine is messing up.  a washing machine I only bought less than three months ago.  i had a horrible sinus headache.

one of those days where if I were in a movie, I'd be rushing through the door frazzled to stop and find good news awaiting for me.  you know the moment the girl looks up and the clouds part.  the sun shines as a great song starts to play.  you can feel the good just pouring into the scene.

but atlas that was not the ending to my horrible, terrible no good day *read the book*.

i've been mending my wounded day by lots of baby love, lots of sleep and a pretty good day today.
it's making up for that day that we should no longer speak of. : )

i'll get through it because when the sun peaked through my window this morning, i felt it.
HIS compassion's are new each morning.

what do people do without HIM?
i know, i could not make it.

so i'm doing better.
i still might move to australia.*read the book*

Saturday, June 2, 2012

How did I miss the first?

I cannot believe I didn't take a moment yesterday to celebrate the 1st of June.  But we did have a rather full day.  Blueberry picking with friends, a fried chicken lunch by Papaw and an absolutely wonderful *much needed girls night with my sweet friend, Jess!  Whew...just talking about all the fun makes me sleepy again. 

It's been a weird sort of marvelous lately.  My husband is home *he is a teacher and is off summers* and we've been doing all sorts of fun things. Camping, swimming randomly on a Wednesday afternoon at Granny's pool, long naps with my husband while children sleep soo peacefully worn out from play and breakfast not til almost 10 am while supper doesn't hit the table til 8:30. It is all a lot of fun and tons of glorious family time.  But it's a little weird. It's like we are trapped in a long weekend and I'm getting absolutely nothing done.  My motivation lies somewhere between falling asleep to netflix, dreaming of projects for around our home, painting little toe nails, cheering on my son sliding into imaginary bases all day, folding tiny clothes and thinking up a "double name" baby name *no I'm not pregnant and I'm not sure why I need a baby name, but darn it if I spend a good portion of my day over the ordeal. Anyways, you see I'm having trouble sitting down to put my thoughts into words and archiving all this beauty around me. 

I'm going to have to come up with some sort of schedule. I need to mark some time off for cleaning, reading, blogging and editing pictures.  Today I've decided is "work until my eyes go crossed editing" so I can get caught up because I have more photo shoots this week.

So just because I'm stuck in this chair *unless a little one needs me* here's to June and all the lazy wonder it brings.
 blueberry pancakes

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June. "
L.M. Montgomery
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