Thursday, June 21, 2012

happy little campers

it's late and i'm tired.
long day of family fun and now i've been editing for the past two hours.
i've been meaning to blog about our camping trip.
i was a little nervous about taking Liv being so young, but she did awesome.
and we had a blast!

so instead of a long journaling about all the memories we are some pictures and some short captions.
first camping trip as a family of five
 baby girl is such a trooper
 especially when daddy is holding her
 i'd go on any adventure as long as he is on it.
making smores
the man was soo excited about his marshmellows the size of your head
 our campsite...thanks Grandaddy for letting us borrow your tent
 our little miss, she is such a great outdoors girl
 playing in the lake
 my lil man, always up for an adventure
we survived with babe in tow and made some wonderful memories


Heidi said...

Linkig up through embrace... Looks like you had a great time! I have a soft spot in my heart for fostering and love to see pictures of happy foster families. I know it is not always smiles and happiness but I read through a couple of your posts about fostering and adoption and your love for your oldest two kids shines though. I will pray that you will legally be able to call them your own soon.

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