Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Old memories and random happenings.

So most would be ashamed to admit this, but I've been reliving my teenage years by watching Dawson's Creek.  Oh my goodness....it's soo weird watching it now as an adult.  
It's still pretty addicting.

Makes me want to go on a date to applebees and the movies.
or take long summer drives with friends just to be driving.
or girls together watching a silly WB show while painting our toe nails.

Makes me want to be 17 again.
awww...those were the days.

So I had a freakin awesome date night the other night and as I was driving home from dropping our sitter off, I heard Edwin McCain's solitude - acoustic version.
It could be the fact that I was still high from a fabulous kid free date. Maybe it was having my windows down, listening to a late 90's song. Watching hours of Dawson's Creek over the past few weeks haven't helped.  But for a few minutes on that drive home...I almost felt 17 again.
Instead of being a 30's something stay at home mom.
I was young, care-free and had all my life ahead of me.

I was talking to Scott the other day, about how we used to sit and dream about our kids.  What they'd look like, how many we'd have and all that good stuff.  And BAM...here we are...THREE KIDS.  They are here and these are our kids. 

I pretty much LOVE my life.  Seriously, it's all I dreamed of and joys daily.
17 was good.
That time of life was fun, but it's over.
Life is now and we've been living it fully this summer.
I thought we'd have a real relaxing, laid back few months.

But here are very few moments where we've been home with nothing to do but be home.
 making forts out of blankets
 seeing how many meals i can get out of the garden goodies my Daddy dropped off
 and we've been doing a little of this
 catching up on some rest
 peace. blissful peace.
 We put her in the bumbo seat while we eat supper. 
(don't worry, we never walk away leaving her unattended)
She usually looks around at us and stares at our food.
But today the busy days must have caught up with her.
Sooo stinkin cute!
staring at this precious face makes 17 look seem kind of dim.

I'll just relive 17 while watching the Joey/Dawson/Pacey triangle and listening to Edwin McCain songs. 
: )


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