Friday, July 6, 2012

{Goodbye and Hello}s

 hello to starting last year's FAMILYphoto album.

i picked this for the cover.
i'm crazy sick over how much of a baby my girl looks in this picture.
i guess becoming a BIG sister has made her grow up quick this past year.

 hello sunshine.
could she be any cuter.
this picture is sadly a little misleading for my baby's disposition lately.
she is teething and pretty unhappy.
her onsie should say hello throbbing gums that make me scream and then make my mommy scream.
too long for a onsie, you say?
goodbye best friend.
ok...not really goodbye.
this is my bestie.  we photo together. talk lots. commiserate together over disobedience and poop.
she's the real deal and has been for over 7 years.
but over that 7 years we've lived apart before.
i know distance is no match for our friendship, but i'm still sad she's not a 10 min. drive away.

goodbye awesome {easy for mommies to talk} playdates
these are my bestie's and my brood.
they are my kids best friends (besides their cousins) and we loved getting together to play.
the six of them play so well together.
we used to let them run rampant in Jess's playroom as we sat on the couch chatting away.
but atlas, our play dates will now involve a 2 hr. drive.
but they'll still be brilliant. 
 hello family from out of town.
this is my cousins baby holding my baby.
she's growing up to be a gorgeous gorgeous girl.
i cannot get over how BIG she is. 
 goodbye family from out of town.
this is my moma, cousin- Jessica, me and my sis.
we soo much enjoyed our time with them last week.
i just hate to see them go.

a BIG HELLO and PRAISE would be for God's answer to our prayers.
Scott got a teaching job!!!

He loved his high school position last year, but it was two counties away (1 hr. drive).
He's been searching from the first job posting in May with no avail.
Everyone has been praying.
Low and behold he lands a middle school position in my hometown one county away (30 min.).

It's awesome to be cheering for the Cougars again and I know my honey will rock 7th grade!


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