Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Daddy Post That Never Happened

Much like many other areas of my life, I have great intentions of sharing parts of our on this here little blog.  But atlas, sometimes I'm a little late. So here is the Daddy's Day wrap up that never happened.

I have to say, it's one of my favorite things to go all out letting those who I love know just how much they mean to me.  Sadly, I don't have the time or resources to really show Scott how thankful we are for him and all he does for this family.  But I did do a few pinterest projects, made him a yummy breakfast and we took him shopping for some needed new clothes the day before.

 I let him sleep in and made him stay upstairs as I finished last minute touches (aka...waited last minute to even start one of the projects).  This was his happy face seeing his children in their "special" shirts. 

Here is the youngest in her "I love my Daddy"  shirt.
I found the freezer paper shirts on pinterest and had a friend do it last year.  
I decided for me however that it was just too much work : )
So I just bought the iron on printable paper. It was soooo EASY PEASY!  Scott was so proud to have his brood in shirts displaying their love for him at church.
 Here is his card (not the best picture) which was also an idea from pinterest. 
I thought it was super cute and reminded me of Scott.
I just made it out of stuff I already had (including aluminum foil that makes part of his headphones. 
This was breakfast all ready for him when he came downstairs.
The man also has a pretty big sweet tooth so we had to get him some treats.
We put cute little messages on them.  I think it said..."It's not a whopper that we love you to pieces or that you are a sweetheart of a Daddy."

Last but not least, I took the kids pictures the week before to frame for him.  The frame says...
Thank you, Daddy for 

Here are his three little blessings.
We are so grateful to have such an amazing man who works so hard, plays like a kid, teaches us many things, says he is sorry when he's wrong, kisses/hugs us and makes us laugh a whole lot!


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