Thursday, August 2, 2012

It all started with these pictures.

Once upon a time, two random people were walking similar lives just far enough apart to never have met.
We had similar friends, been to the same concerts and even attended some of the same church services.
Then one call, we were introduced.
I worked at MentorKids KY and was working on new mentor leads given to us by our current mentors.
This guy Jordan gave me the name and number of his friend Scott saying he'd be an awesome mentor.
I remember his deep voice.
He said no.  At this season, he didn't have the time.
Fast forward several months, I was helping my friends' cater their cousin's wedding rehearsal.
She was marrying this guy name Jordan.
Right there across the red checkered table cloth, someone introduced me to my future husband.
He does NOT remember this even though he says he does.
I served him lasagna.  That's it.
Fast forward several months, I was sitting at work when I heard the door chime as someone came in.
It was Scott.  He seemed so tall.  His voice seemed so deep.  He was also extremely sweaty.
He had rode his bike from somewhere to our office.
I left him in the lobby talking to my co-worker about being a mentor.
Fast forward several months, I get a facebook message inquiring about my photography by none other than Mr. Thompson.
He said he wanted to give his mom current pictures for Christmas (this was September) and asked if I'd take them.
I remember thinking this was a little odd and to be honest I had only taken a few male pictures...and they were senior pictures. We had seen each other about once a month at MKK events and even sat at the same table for our banquet in June.  After him emailing me, we did run into each other one other time.  It was slightly awkward.
Then came the day, that we took pictures (btw, these are the days I still used film...these are scanned copies- no editing).
We met downtown (his choice of location) and I can still see him. I had parked and was on the sidewalk leading to the river.  Looking around, I spotted a tall, handsome man standing under the gazebo about 100 feet from me. 
Wow, this wasn't the sweaty guy who wheeled his way into my office all those months ago. 
He looked so much older, such a refined manly look. 

We took pictures under (and in) one of the oldest and biggest trees I've ever known. Little did I know 10 months from then, we'd be taking our wedding pictures under that same tree. 
One thing I haven't mentioned is that the man is quiet. We had barely said much more than a few sentences to each other.  But there under that tree, we talked about everything from  music to traveling. 

We moved to another park to take a few more, and he wanted me to get some artistic shots. He had this idea from an album cover of all these close up pictures. So we tried some. 

This is the shot that changed everything from me. 

Looking through my lens into such depth, I know I stopped thinking he was this young guy.
I started seeing the possibilty that this could be exactly what I had been praying for all this time.

Happy Anniversary, my love.
Thanks for asking me to take these pictures so long ago so we could end up right where we belong....

 this is that same old tree


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