Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In other news...

I'm kind of a toothpaste snob.
It all started with morning sickness and how I gagged brushing my teeth. Except with this one brand of toothpaste.  It's crest with scope.  Seriously, changed my life.  And it was the only way my teeth made it through pregnancy.  Now I'm kind of hooked like crack.  And I don't share.  Like not even with my sweet man whom I share everything with.  We get samples every now and then from my m-i-l and I hoard them.  Well, the kids got some in their bag of goodies from a trip to the dentist.  How funny is this: they asked can we please keep our toothpaste.  You would think I would feel awful about this, but not really. I agreed just this once. : )  You should have heard them all night going around talking about their freshy freshness.   Where do they get this stuff?!?!?  

They are always making me laugh. 

Here they are, my super children.  I hope I always remember them playing and giggling around our house. I hope I always forget the screaming, fighting and constant "He said this....She took this..." crap. Seriously, my kids fighting is probably the thing that drives me battiest (pretty sure that is not a real word...oh well).  I called my Mom one day to apologize for all the fighting Johnah and I did growing up.  She just laughed...I think she thinks I have it coming to me : )
Have you ever heard of the phrase, "fat and happy".... pretty sure my baby exemplifies that. 

I mean look at those cheeks!  We are so blessed...she is such a sweet and happy baby!

We went on vacation this past month and it was AWESOME!  I was a little nervous driving 10 hrs. to the beach and if the whole week would be madness...but it wasn't.  They all did great! Of course, we had a very kind helper...my Moma came with us. It was a blessing for our family and I'll post more pics later as I have a billion to go through.
We've been soaking up as much of summer as we can.  And here we are on the last official night of summer vacation.  Part of me (as I've expressed previously) is ready for fall and all it's glory...but there is a HUGE part of me that is not ready to loose my guys.  My baby boy starts Kindergarten in the morning. Pray for me...he'll be fine...I'm the one starting to hyperventilate. 

Anyways, that is the random news of my life.


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