Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TOP TEN is hard TO DO you know how incredibly hard it is to pick just 10 favorite pictures to share. 
Well, I tried to not completely bore you with an overly photographed post about our vacation.  I still wanted to highlight it and thought I can pick my favorite ten to show overall the greatness that was our summer family vacay. 
Couldn't do it. 
I have like 16 here.
And that's only because it's like 1 am and I had to stop myself. 
There are soo many more, but you can get the gist from these how lovely of a time we had. 
Seagrove Beach is so colorful, happy and peaceful place!
My dear mother went with us and it made all the difference in the world.
We made so many beautiful memories together (and survived a 11 hr. car ride with three kids 5 and under)!
 My love and me under the romantic mossy trees : )
 My baby girl doing what she did best on this trip...I'm pretty sure she packed a good 1lb of sand home each day from the beach. 
 Our "Big Activity" of the trip was when we took the kids on a Pirate Ship complete with sunken treasure, sword fights and of course pirates.  They were pretty much in love and we were the heros.
This was just one of my favorites we took outside our condo as we were headed to dinner. She is just too stinkin cute!
Though Seaside (a mile and a half from our condo) was way more populated than I remember, we loved it.  This was the best "hot dog" food trailer EVER!!!  So many cute little shops and places to eat. Plus an outdoor movie.
Babies first beach experience.
 Big bro and sis- first time seeing the ocean. They were just so fun to watch. I loved capturing their amazement at seeing God's creation.
Nana is the coolest Nana around and even got the babes some new shades for the sunny FL rays!
My Little Bit looking soo very sweet during our family photo shoot!
Visit to the sweet shop...notice the stains on my messy man's shirt (all my life this boy loves to create laundry challenges for me).
 My girls and me in front of the bay!
Once we bought this board, he never stopped.
Waves were not scary to BRAVE one!
And of course, all three of my blessings.
Sadly, there was one more pic I kept trying to find out of the no joke thousand pics I took.
My man and me on our date night (thanks Nana)...we took a tandem bike to ride up and down 30A to eat and shop.  It was a blast and I actually have the pic of us on it somewhere.  I hope it didn't get lost. It is such a fun memory!
Thanks Seagrove for being so kind to us.
I see you in our future again!


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