Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our Little Home

Sometimes I get trapped in the unhealthy cycle of comparison.  It's a dangerous thing - leaving you ungrateful for God blessing in your life.  I long for more square feet, refinished hardware floors and a large porch.  I get tired and cranky as I trip over toys in my peg pen of a house.  I overwhelm myself with the projects and leftover home "to do" lists.

Then I think of the splendor these walls contain...

The little feet that happily run across these floors each day.

The meals and gatherings we've had over the years with our friends and family.

The sweet splashes made in our kitchen sink by our bathing babes.

The labor of love we poured into countless hours fixing so many projects to make this house our home.

It's where our littles' childhoods are made up of pretend, forts and bedtime stories. The prayers, tears and laughter heard through the rooms.

The holidays with all the dressed up magic making traditions and forging what makes up our family.

Where I'll always remember the pitch catch games between my boys and a little girl running barefoot chasing bubbles.

Then there is those moments of fullness of joy as the late aftertoon sun streams through the back of the house- straight through the front making me realize how thankful I am for all the long day has held.

It's the place each of our children were brought home to.  It holds our families stories. These walls may be small but they are busting with fullness and a very rich life.

Lastly - it wraps up every single moment of our marriage fixing it up together so proudly as we awaited our wedding, spending the first night together as husband and wife. Weathering storms, hard times and lots of fun.  Remolding our "suite" upstairs to have a place of our own after the kids came.

Looking at our little home this way - leaves me with a totally different perspective and a deep thankfulness to the Lord for such a gift.


JulianneB said...

I love your little house and think it is so cozy and inviting. It is filled with love from top to bottom and that is what matters. Hey we are moving to Newburg soon so maybe I will get to see you and your kiddos.

SECPumpkin said...

Julianne, When are you guys moving? I'd love to see you. Newburgh is so cute with all it's little shops...maybe we can meet over there!

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