Thursday, July 26, 2012

To Everything There is a Season

I need to be editing pictures.
That seems to be all I'm doing lately.
editing.feeding babies.picking up doll clothes & football guys.laundry.
The list goes on.
I however cannot let my list trump letting my heart overflow into a post tonight.

I saw a good friend tonight, well many to be exact.  We hadn't seen each other in forever and we remarked on how it was a shame it was for this reason...a funeral.

It made me think and I said to her and a few other friends how this is the time in life we should be running into each other at shower's or kids' birthday parties. not funerals.

Isn't the list like this....
in your 20's you see all your friends at weddings
in your 30's you see all your friends at baby showers
in your 40's you see all your friends at reunions
in your 50's you see all your friends at your children's graduations
in your 60's you see all your friends at your children's weddings
in your 70's you see all your friends at your grandchildren's birth
in your 80's you see all your friends at funerals.

Ok, maybe not exactly but sort of, right?
Well, not lately.

In the past month, there have been three lives to celebrate because they've gone onto to Jesus.
They were 33, 4 months and almost 2 months.

This seems wrong on all accounts.  This isn't the season for me to be running into friends at the funeral home and it certainly didn't seem to be the season for these three earthly lives to be over.

But the truth is, though this past month seems heavy with is short.

Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. James 4:14

God's Word is clear that we are but a dot on the timeline of eternity.  I remember learning in college that  there are only 3 eternal things...God, His Word, and His People. I thought of this tonight, when my friend and her husband spoke at their infant son's funeral.  They greatly testified God's grace as they talked about how their son was fulfilling God's purpose in His life...worshipping Jesus.  

I drove home tonight alone in the car anxious to get to my husband and three babes. Tears staining my cheeks, praise on my heart I was rebuked that in the mundane moments of mommyhood, I'd stopped living life for the eternal things. Sure I meditated on God's Word, taught it to my children and prayed often (in short sentence form between busy moments from my demanding crew), but had I been living for the eternal things? 

 Sometimes I tend to get wrapped up in other's burdens. Get lost in the grief, overwhelmed by the largeness of the trial and forget to do what God calls us to do...actively help carry their burden.  I'll do my best to lift them up to the throne of grace and serve them in anyway I can.  So in light of this season of grief...I'm going to try to let these lives be used by God to remind me of a few things I 'd laid aside.

SEEK Christ in EVERY area of your life.
KNOW His Word as it is our only truthful comfort when trials come upon us.
LIVE everyday making it count for God's kingdom.
DON'T forget not everyone has the HOPE we have in Christ... share His goodness with others.
LOVE to the tips of our fingers and pour out ourselves to those around us.

Thank you Houston, Jordan, Ezra and your families for reminding me to everything under heaven there is a season.  Bless The Lord, O My Soul!


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