Saturday, June 2, 2012

How did I miss the first?

I cannot believe I didn't take a moment yesterday to celebrate the 1st of June.  But we did have a rather full day.  Blueberry picking with friends, a fried chicken lunch by Papaw and an absolutely wonderful *much needed girls night with my sweet friend, Jess!  Whew...just talking about all the fun makes me sleepy again. 

It's been a weird sort of marvelous lately.  My husband is home *he is a teacher and is off summers* and we've been doing all sorts of fun things. Camping, swimming randomly on a Wednesday afternoon at Granny's pool, long naps with my husband while children sleep soo peacefully worn out from play and breakfast not til almost 10 am while supper doesn't hit the table til 8:30. It is all a lot of fun and tons of glorious family time.  But it's a little weird. It's like we are trapped in a long weekend and I'm getting absolutely nothing done.  My motivation lies somewhere between falling asleep to netflix, dreaming of projects for around our home, painting little toe nails, cheering on my son sliding into imaginary bases all day, folding tiny clothes and thinking up a "double name" baby name *no I'm not pregnant and I'm not sure why I need a baby name, but darn it if I spend a good portion of my day over the ordeal. Anyways, you see I'm having trouble sitting down to put my thoughts into words and archiving all this beauty around me. 

I'm going to have to come up with some sort of schedule. I need to mark some time off for cleaning, reading, blogging and editing pictures.  Today I've decided is "work until my eyes go crossed editing" so I can get caught up because I have more photo shoots this week.

So just because I'm stuck in this chair *unless a little one needs me* here's to June and all the lazy wonder it brings.
 blueberry pancakes

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June. "
L.M. Montgomery


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