Monday, May 28, 2012


I CANNOT believe my baby is three months.
Time is a flying and we are having so much fun.
Here are some pictures to celebrate and things about you at 3 months.
 This probably sounds funny to everyone else, but I've been a little worried about your feet.
They are soo tiny.  You still can only wear newborn shoes and some are still too big.
I even asked the nurse...she laughed at me. : )
Guess you have my feet!
 You are a such a happy, smiley baby!
It's so easy to make you smile and laugh.
 It's hard to believe how big and long you've grown.
And who couldn't love all that cute chubbiness you've collected over the past three months.
 You eat perfectly and are very efficient.
I've noticed you starting to stare at us and our food when we are eating.
Hmmm....needless to say I think you'll continue to be a good eater.
 You play very well!  Mainly in your bouncy seat or on your play mat. 
One time when we were out of the room, I heard the music from your little bird that has to be pulled.
I was so impressed, but haven't caught you doing it again.
 I'm pretty sure your favorite thing is light.  Which is funny because sunlight is my favorite thing as well. You will turn your head in any room to find the windows or doors.  You LOVE to be outside. It's neat to watch your little eyes roam and wonder what you are thinking.
 You now can hold your head and even chest up while on your belly.
It's crazy to watch.  Belly time is a happy time for you, especially when brother and sister are on the floor with you.
 Making bubbles is a new favorite past time. You are getting soo slobbery. We never had to keep a bib on you because you weren't much of a spitter.  But now we have to or all your shirts stay wet. I think you are already working on teeth.  You'll put your paci on the side of your mouth to chew on it. 
You sleep so well.  In fact, last night you went 8 hrs.
WHOA!  To bad Mommy didn't go to sleep when you did.

A few other things...I'm in love with how bright your eyes have gotten. You are such a good baby.  We are so thankful for how easy going and sweet you are.  When you are put into the Moby wrap you fall asleep every time. L and E are your favorite sort of entertainment and you are theirs too.  When you get excited these days, you kick, flail your arms and grin real big. It's to die for.

We love you Liv and are enjoying watching you grow!


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