Friday, May 25, 2012

Too quick...

We had a big day last week.
Our boy graduated from preschool!
This feels like such a big event in our lives because of where we started. 
Just two short years ago, this confused little boy (basically a toddler) came to live with us.
He couldn't communicate well and had a terrible temper.
Through lots of work on every one's part and a GREAT preschool, our little guy is such a different boy.
He has matured, grown and learned so much.
He can write his name, knows almost every letter sound, can count pretty high and completed overall his preschool developmental goals.
Congrats, baby boy!  We are sooo proud of you!
Get ready kindergarten, here he comes!
 This picture is from the first and last day of the 2011-12 school year. 
It doesn't really do justice for how much he has grown because the way the pictures were taken and his longer shorts in the last one.  But he sure has.  He could still wear 4T at the beginning of the year and now wears 5/6.  CRAZY! 
 Here are some small gifts I did for his teachers. 
THANK YOU pinterest for creative, reasonable teacher gift ideas.
Check out my pinterest boards.
 Got a great sale at B&B Works on little hand creams and those tiny antibacterial gels.
Then I traced L's hand and wrote "You deserve a hand for being such a great teacher!" on them.
You tape those to the hand CUTE!
 Then I found free printable tags on {It is what it is}
Thank you, cute!
I didn't get these done for Teacher Appreciation Week, but handed them out on the last day.
Better late, than never.
It's scary how much of my life represents that last statement : )


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