Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Afternoon

It's funny how just a few hours can brighten your week!
This week the kids and I were able to drive down to Bowling Green to meet up with one of my besties who lives in South Carolina now. They were in visiting family so of course I dropped whatever to meet them.
We met for dinner and then headed to the local orchard.
It was the most gorgeous day and we just relaxed together as our kiddos ran around.
Here we are.
She is pregnant with her second and I'm holding my newborn.
I love to think about how many pictures we have together.
Ones from our crazy fun college days, our weddings, care-free couples get togethers and finally some with our babies.  I was telling Scott it's neat that God has let us see each other for each of our pregnancies (if only in the beginning months). It's amazing all God has brought us through together. I'm so thankful to have such a faithful friend to share this journey with.
We got to eat berries and it was such a blessing to let our kiddos play together.
 I love this sweet little family more than they know!!!
 And I have to put in a plug for Jackson's Orchard....ahhhmazing produce.
We enjoyed strawberries and sweet cherries.
 I cannot believe how BIG this little cutie has gotten.

Because she knows and loves me, Mer endured taking a few shots of my brood.
I'm pretty much in love with this sequence of pictures.
 looking up at baby
posing with mama
sweet baby
mama's little monkeys 

Thanks, Mer for the pictures, for the visit and most of all for your oh so encouraging friendship!
I love you!

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