Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chalk it up to having three kids!

I pretty much love chalkboards.
Blame it on me having three kids.
Blame it on me being a kid (at heart).
But I love them. 
When I saw a few HUGE chalkboards online, I knew I wanted one!

Here are my inspiration pictures:

These are seriously three of my FAVORITE blogging ladies!
They are fun, have colorful homes and all three love the Lord.

Now for making pinterest dreams a reality...
Here we are working on it:
 so what we decided to do was enclose our fridge with the pantry beside it. we got a cabinet for over the fridge and then fixed it to the pantry and a piece of plywood. 
 this pic is pretty bad of me, but my kiddos took it.  i can't remember who took it because when one gets to use the camera, the other has to do it as well. but we just painted the plywood with chalkboard paint (i did three coats). 
they love it! 
she thought it was awesome to draw on the to help her distinguish what walls are ok and which are not! 
yes, that shirt says "sarah".  It was mine when I was little : )

Lastly, we framed the plywood with trim I painted yellow (of course).

And the finished project, complete with our summer bucket list:

not the best pic...but you get the idea! 
we need to replace our baseboard, but then it's all finished!!!

and now off to check off all that fun stuff!!!

Thank you pinterest, Meg, Julie and Jess for the inspiration.  I love it!
oh, and so do my kids : )


JulianneB said...

totally love the chalkboard...we had one in the boys room when we lived on Booth was awesome and all their friends enjoyed it too...your kiddos are so sweet

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