Thursday, May 3, 2012

I've been busy

I can tell it is almost summer because we've been soo busy!
Here is a little of what we've been up to:
planting, watering and admiring all our flowers/plants
 Just attended the MentorKids Kentucky banquet (where I used to work) It was weird to have NO kids with us.  Check out the ministry that God is using in Owensboro at MKK.
We got to go visit our sweet friend and her twins. 
Yes, she has two of these precious noggins to kiss!
My friend Rachel has been baking entirely to much at my house lately, resulting in gaining 5 lbs to my already post-baby hips.  thanks Rach and Liv : )
but seriously, this stuff is awesome!
Chex cereal, white almond bark, powder sugar, yellow cake mix & pink sprinkles for good measure : )
 enjoying family dinners
ahh...eating lots of this...soo yummy!  Nina made this for my birthday, white choc. strawberry cake roll!
I finally started back to my first photo shoots since having Liv.
And no, I haven't removed my Jototes tag yet...I can't. 
It's just as cute as the bag! : )
 Speaking of Livingston, here she is playing with her Nana.
She really is a cutie pie!
We've also been playing lots....teaching these kids what it's like to grow up in the country!
Aren't they the cutest little farmers?!?!? 
Trying to fight the most horrible of enemies...THRUSH.
Seriously, it's the bane of my existence and I pray we are almost through with it forever. 
I'm tired of this medicine, abnormal feedings for Liv, washing bras/sleep nursing tanks everyday and boiling pacifiers. BOO for thrush!
 We are trying to cram as many play dates with our good friends before they move this summer.
It's going to be hard, but we've survived living in separate towns before! 
 Feeling loved and blessed by all my special gifts/celebrations for my 31st year.
This was a tea cup picked out by my the Man and the kids (well two of the kids).
I think God knew new mothers needed rest. No matter how quick I'd like to be moving all day long...there are rest breaks built in every three hours (at least...sometimes sooner) nursing this sweet baby. It's so good to have to sit down and enjoy all her fresh newborness that is quickly waring away.
Again, I just enjoy being with my family and being outdoors.
We've done that as much as we possibly can in the last several weeks.
 Living up flip flop weather. But sadly, these little ladies need to be reduced to around the yard flip flops. They've been muddy from planting, semi-spray painted green when I painted our old patio furniture and stretched out from too much use. 
Good bye old friends. which black flip flops will accompany me for the next summer or two?
Thankfully, due to having God's Word on my phone and the Lord helping me find spare minutes here and there...I've also been spending much needed time with Him.

And I needed it for sure.
I hate to complain but I've noticed being this busy has kicked my booty the last few days.
I'm falling asleep doing things....reading, blogging or working on a project. 

Hopefully, I'll catch up to this new pace and bounce back quickly.
I have some new projects I've been working on. 


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