Saturday, April 28, 2012

Being a girl

Ok..most people that know me would say that I love being a girl! : ) 
I do very much.
However, I over the past few years have little time or funds to really appreciate all my girliness!

I struggle to find that urge that used to keep me in the bathroom for a good hour getting ready for anything or to change outfits before finding the perfect one. 

These days I'm lucky if I'm clean, my clothes are clean and we actually make it wherever it is we are going.

Well, I've decided to change this part of me.  I'm going to spend a little more time on me...mainly because I know it will more positively effect everything else. If I feel better about myself then my relationship with my husband and kids will be better.

So for my birthday, I used my gift money to buy a few shirts, earrings and shoes to help me get excited about making sure I take a little more care of me. After the baby came I also chopped my hair off...because I like it short and I was hoping it would prevent me from putting it into a pony tail everyday. : ) It's helped a little, but I'm just not great at styling it. 

I need to get some nude fingernail polish to paint up these glorious healthy nails I've been rocking (for me at least). I know they may not last forever...and it's something I've wanted most of my life.  Never have I had nice looking nails.  They've always been thin and peel very easily.  Even in pregnancy, I just knew that prenatal vitamin would help a girl out.  But to my dismay, Miss Liv must have been stealing all the goods because I kept my horrible nails, but hers however came out looking gorgeous.  Thankfully, ever since I had her they've become quiet lovely if I do say so myself.

Now I just need a pedi, my lip gloss I'm out of, some black board shorts, personal trainer, weekly massage and stylist.  Well, I think a few of those last things were just me dreaming! : )

I do find beauty and "mommy time" inspiration from my monthly Birchbox!
Remember, my friend's awesome Christmas gift to me.

This month it was all "green" products.
So far I've only tried the lip balm and facial scrub...
Love them!!!

Over the past 4 months, I've found some fav products.
Scott even bought me perfume for V-day because I loved one of the samples so much.
Birchbox your marketing schemes are working on this old girl!!!

Here are a few pics of the loveliness that is Birchbox.
 I get so happy seeing that pink packaging knowing this awaits me.
 They always put this in here to describe the products. 
Makes it super easy if you like one and want to look it up online for purchasing.
I'm a sucker for packaging and they always do such a great job.
I'm so silly, but I like saving some of them just because it's fun to have new products to have...that way I can spread them out. Enjoy the fun for several weeks until my next box arrives.

What are ways that you pamper your inner girl?


RachelD said...

Woot - woot - I'm glad you like the box. And yes, definitely, you need to treat yourself and make yourself feel good. I fully support that!

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