Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just a few more Easter pics...

This is kind of lazy post.
I haven't edited any of these pics.
I still have to get some from my parents Easter dinner/hunt because my battery died...yep. Happens to me too! I know a photographer should be a little more prepared...but it happens.
So here are a few more of our Easter celebrating!
One from our Easter basket fun...Sunday morning.
Isn't she a cool cat?!?!
My oldest girl is the biggest slacker of an egg hunter I've ever met.
Every hunt this year, she was dead last. Not because she is slow.
Because she doesn't care...she wants to open every egg and eat the candy.
yep, she's my girl!
every first is such a joy!
Thanks Nana for my bib!
The kids table with baskets and cards!
our mantel and Easter Greetings sign...love it.
$7.99 at TJMaxx forever ago.
glass vases full of cheap plastic eggs and a chalkboard platter that says,
He is Risen
Fresh flowers from a friend, bunny cake from Papa and Key
this is my favorite little plate.
All Happiness for Spring...is what it says!
sweet bunny!

I love this holiday and kind of sad it's already over.
Praise the Lord, the hope that the holiday represents is never over!
Christ has risen from the dead!


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