Sunday, April 22, 2012

I can learn a lot from my kids..

Kids are brilliant!
I've realized lately that they have a lot of what I want.
A little neighborhood girl is constantly in our yard and my kids love having a friend over.
If she sees us out, she comes over to ask to play.

They aren't biased or prejudice in whom they play with.
Maybe some kids are or they learn to be...but my kids are not.
They don't care if someone looks different, dresses weird, seems a little dirty or even when someone talks strangely.
It doesn't matter.
All they see is a playmate.
Someone to be friends with.

That is all I want.
To go through life and being open to meeting friends.
Friends that need the Lord.
That I can share His good news with.
I don't want to be distracted by our differences or blinded by my opinion of them.

It's funny that we've lived in this neighborhood hoping to build relationships that God would use us through them for FOUR years. And now it's taken our children to make this happen.

Please Lord, make me more like my children.


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