Monday, April 16, 2012

best $2.98 investment ever made

The investment was a cheap, green and plastic sprinkler from Lowe's!
The reward: a cool and fun summer guaranteed!

I can feel it already.
The long, sweaty days of playing.
The trips to Nana and Papaw's farm (and hopefully lots of homemade ice cream).
Eating fresh veggies, fruit and pasta everyday (it's our thing).
The deep afternoon naps of children's energy being restored.
Swimming, jumping and diving in Granny's pool.
Library trips and reading on blankets under the trees shade.
No school or daily required wake up calls.
Calling our two oldest our FOREVER children...God willing!
Road trips and long walks.
Sticky toddler fingers from too many Popsicles.
A possible beach trip ?!?!
Picnics, fireworks and soo many play dates.
Having DADDY home all the day long!
Drive in movies, grilling and lots of watermelon.
Warm nights sitting on the front porch with my love as children play around us.

I can feel summer.
I hate to wish away spring, but oh how I love summer.
The heat not so much, but we won't let it spoil our fun.
So we started celebrating early with our new sprinkler!

Are you ready for summer?


JulianneB said...

Love the post....and those cheapo sprinklers are by far the best....not sure I am quite ready for spring to be over, but I do enjoy the laidback days of summer. That is when I tend to head to the ‘boro. Maybe I will be able to snuggle with that sweet little girl of yours.

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