Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sunday afternoons

Sunday afternoons have to be one of my most favorite times.
Especially now that we can be outdoors too!
My Lilly of the Valley is up and simply gorgeous as ever.
We veg, take naps in the cold sheets (yes our ac is on) and spend lots of time together.
Oh and then this one sleeps some more. She is mega talented at winning who sleeps the most in this house.
I'm really enjoying our outdoors after all we got done to our plants and landscaping this past week.
This man worked soo hard last week on his spring break.
He even bought and planted me a cherry tree!
And if you can tell, this pic is an instagram
didn't want to join the bandwagon, but couldn't help and now I'm
if you are a fellow instagramer,
look me up, I'm sbmommytothree

What does your family do on Sunday afternoons?


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