Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This is weird.  I went to bed last night and I was just now 30.  Feeling fresh and still just a little over "i'm in my twenties." But I woke up this morning and I'm 31...i'm now entering into my "thirty something" years.  WHAT????  That was that weird show for people who looked old.  Do I look like that now?  It's kind of the reverse of looking at kids in college now and thinking they look like babies.  Know what I mean? 

Anyways, because this is how I roll....I'm going to celebrate this season even though I'm not so sure about it.  Here are 31 things about my life at 31...

1. My favorite book is Anne of Green Gables.
2. I joined the iphone bandwagon this year and I'm pretty much addicted/in love.
3. My favorite snack is microwaved pepperoni slices, cheese and kettle cooked chips...healthy, right?!?!
4. On this very day there are people meeting to decide on a court date...the actual last court date before    an adoption can take place...and they have no idea that their decision will affect the rest of my life.
5. I have like 12 different projects going on right now and none of them are almost finished.

6. The three most frequented websites on my computer is facebook, blogger and pinterest (usually in that order)

7. Sometimes I'm shocked that I'm actually a photographer...dream job came true

8. I don't have a problem getting a shower everyday, but I do have trouble fixing my hair so it just looks like I have a problem taking showers.
9. I have like a bazillion pictures to print.
10. 2 months and 3 days ago I was still growing a human...now that human smiles when I talk. : )

11.  I can go all summer on one pedicure and my toes still look pretty.
12. I fall asleep to the television.
13. I love to cook...but make some sort of pasta for 70% of our meals.

14. I always have to have a glass of ICE water before bed...it has to have ICE.
15. My favorite thing to read to my kids is The Jesus Storybook...seriously, rocks this girl's world...not just for kids : )
16. Last movie I watched was Dirty Dancing...one before that the new Footloose...think I need to go dancing sometime soon.
17. I'm in love with color, yet most of my wardrobe is black...what's wrong with this picture?
18. My favorite thing to shop for is thrift/junk store finds.

19. I still sleep in the Notre Dame t-shirt that I had in high school
20. I'm 31 years old, stay at home with my kids and still get that pit in my stomach feeling every Sunday night.
21. Yellow is still my most fav color...though turquoise, green and a sherberty peach are shortly after.

22. Loves music...specifically music with good lyrics yet rarely takes time to listen to the play lists I make.
23. I live in a tiny little brick home under 100 year old trees, with original "loved" hardwood floors and it's constantly under construction with one project after another.

24. I detest coffee...the taste, smell and my husband's breath after he's drank it : )
25. A dream afternoon would be a bookstore, some tea and a friend to flip through magazines with.
26. I sing songs to my kids all the day long...kids songs, praise songs, and even ones i've made up. I would do this even if they didn't like it.
27. My current favorite tv shows are Parenthood, New Girl and Blue Bloods
28. My husband is who I laugh with most, tell my embarrassing secrets to and have to call when something big happens...best friends

29.  I love looking at fabric....too bad I can't sew!
30.  Procrastinating is still my worse flaw... terrified I'll never shake this bad habit.
31. I need Jesus just as desperately as the day I started following him 19 years ago.

and just because...one more picture


JulianneB said...

Great post...hope your 31st was delightful from beginning to end Sarah Beth. I am so happy that your hubby is your best friend...it is the best feeling in the world. No matter how special my girl friends are, Kevin is the one I want to talk to first and to most, even after 22 years.

RachelD said...


Lei said...

It's nice knowing you through your 31 things about your life at 31! Fun read!

I so adore the last pic of your little girl sucking her thumb with a little smirk on her cute face!

Lei said...

Oh and belated Happy Birthday! Many more blessings come your way!

Sarah said...

So glad you wrote this! I feel like I know you already.

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