Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A few tidbits...

Who wants a blog post that shares organized thoughts and extremely inspirational points...hopefully not you today! Here is my jumbled brain:
  • I like to ride in my husbands car without the kids and turn the radio up really loud! I love my kids but it's fun to pretend I'm still carefree and not thinking about how I'm going to get my potty training 2 yr. old to a potty without her peeing all over my car.
  • I'm still REALLY ANGRY with Netflix for taking off the Cosby show.
  • I love this man and this lady bug butt : )
  • I'm really needing a night out (movies, girl talk or some other type of relaxation away from home) but I'm so dog tired.
  • Nursing is not for pansies....it's a lot of draining work! I'm feeling more like a pansy everyday : ) But don't worry I'm not giving up.
  • I'm one of those mothers who doesn't take her own advice. I make my kids eat awesome while I finish off a box of oatmeal cream pies in a week (mostly by myself). Snacking is my favorite past time : )
  • I'm loving American Idol and Dancing with the Stars this go around. That is as much Reality TV as I can do...sorry, Jersey Shore and Bachelor fans...JUST NOT INTO IT!
  • I wore a tshirt and shorts out the other day and my son asked if I had on pajamas....Mama needs to spruce it up a little : )
  • My children like to play this cruel joke on me where one takes and awesome nap while the other won't. Or better yet...One will sleep in while the other is up earlier than normal. WHAT? Can't we have that perfect trifecta of everyone sleeping for at least a couple of hours at the same time so I can work hard on chores. And by work hard on chores I mean take a nap myself after proudly throwing in one load of laundry in the washer.
  • I'm super excited about a tax return buy for my photography...
hello pretty lady
I got the Canon T2i...there just wasn't enough difference for me to get the T3i while spending the extra money. So far I'm super happy with it. 18 mega pixels of magic fairy dust!
gives me goosebumps I'm so excited.
and most people who follow me on pinterest know I'm a little obsessed with yellow.
except I love how this is actually called marigold. sounds even prettier than yellow.
  • I'm loving spending time outdoors with my littles these days, but it's just April. By July, I wanna hide indoors in my cool a/c. I've become such a weather snob and I'm not sure how it happened since I blissfully lived outdoors all day long growing up. I wish I liked to sweat more :)
  • Has anyone seen October Baby? I'm wanting to see it badly. I've heard it has a great story line with positive ending. Not many movies about CHOOSING LIFE. Speaking of movies...my friends dragged me to Hunger Games. I wanted to read the books first, but I'm glad they did. I LOVED it! Go see it...warning it is really violent in parts.
  • I made this for dinner last night and have decided it's what I make for dinner when I need some comfort. Slow cooker Italian Chicken paired with fettucine alfredo (homemade sauce). And throw in some breadsticks and Ale8 for good measure. I promised I don't always cook my family such unhealthy meals...but it sure is delicious!
  • Lately I CANNOT remember anything. I asked Scott if he thought I could blame it on the lack of sleep or three children constantly making noise or if I should see a doctor. He said he wasn't worried. But I AM! I hope to gain a little of my brain and memory back real soon or things could get ugly around here. Like trying to wash my hair with lotion or loosing my keys in the freezer or maybe even loosing a child. hopefully, not.
alright, I think everyone is napping now. I'm pretty sure I have twenty minutes of uninterrupted time to myself. happy napping folks!


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