Saturday, May 5, 2012

2 months *a little late

I took these pictures on time, but just haven't posted them yet.  
I cannot believe over two months has gone by since we welcomed our sweet Livingston Ann.
She is such a treasure.
Here she is in all her little cuteness.
At her two month appointment besides getting those awful shots, we found out what we suspected...she's grown a lot!
10 lbs. = 25% - I thought she'd be higher on the charts, but as Scott put it...some people have ten pound babies to start with.
22.5in. = 50% -She actually still seems short to all compact. But I think it is because my sister's babies are always long. Miss Iylee seems so much more taller when I hold her.
 It's amazing to me how much she's changed looks wise and how everyday she looks a little different.
These pictures cracked me up because I felt like I was photographing Scott.
There are moments where I see me more and more, but she definitely is her Daddy's girl.
 She has really learned to play more.
When we sit her in her bouncy seat, she now actually makes it bounce.
She'll kick her feet, swat her hands and even try to stand up when you hold her standing on your lap.
It's so cute when they finally find their hands....they are like "Well, hello there friend!"
 We've definitely left that sleepy newborn stage. She's more awake and we are starting to see more emotion from her. the picture above.  That is the beginning of her "sad" face. She has the big bottom lip and all.  I didn't capture one on this specific time, but she is very smiley too!  Always happy and wanting to talk/coo to you.  Nothing really comes out but squeaks when she gets mega excited.
There isn't much better than seeing those smiles...makes life that much sweeter.
Everyone just adores you. Daddy loves to come home and hold you as he sings his special song... "It's your Daddy...It's your Daddy." I know, you wanna hear it....single to be released later this year. :)  It is so cute. And your sister and brother are over the moon about you. They love to talk and play with you. You even have smiled for them! Grandparents and Aunts come over just to hold you. And you are the highlight of family gatherings (with the other grandchildren too).

You still get up once early in the morning...usually about four.  But you go six hours now so Mommy feels much more rested these days. You aren't a huge eater, but obviously are getting plenty! : ) Liv, I'm so blessed to have such a good, easy going baby. You are beautiful, delightful and I'm so proud to call you mine.

Happy 2 months!

oh here is a comparison shot from one to two months....
wow...crazy difference.
makes me a little misty....


Becca said...

She is absolutely beautiful - her cheeks are yummy! :-)

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