Thursday, June 7, 2012

bad day hangover

all day long.
been having a bad day hangover all day.
yesterday was one of those horrible bad days like alexander had.
ever read that book?

one of those days that can't be recovered with
white choc. truffles, some great blog reading, and even a marathon of dawson's creek on netflix.

i'm tired, i had a sweet girl with an ear infection, got some not so great news, had a less than perfect *this would be the understatement* kind of mommy day.  all the dishes piled up and my washing machine is messing up.  a washing machine I only bought less than three months ago.  i had a horrible sinus headache.

one of those days where if I were in a movie, I'd be rushing through the door frazzled to stop and find good news awaiting for me.  you know the moment the girl looks up and the clouds part.  the sun shines as a great song starts to play.  you can feel the good just pouring into the scene.

but atlas that was not the ending to my horrible, terrible no good day *read the book*.

i've been mending my wounded day by lots of baby love, lots of sleep and a pretty good day today.
it's making up for that day that we should no longer speak of. : )

i'll get through it because when the sun peaked through my window this morning, i felt it.
HIS compassion's are new each morning.

what do people do without HIM?
i know, i could not make it.

so i'm doing better.
i still might move to australia.*read the book*


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