Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father Knows Best

That is pretty much how I feel about the fathers in my life.  I really appreciate all they do.  But mainly, I'm thankful that I have them to come to when I need advice.  Obviously, my whole life I've gone to my Daddy when in need of some wisdom.  He's helped me make decisions on everything from school work, friendship arguments, car problems, career choices, boy problems, and now child rearing issues.   I know my father isn't perfect, but his advice has never failed me.  I do however have to add the fact that he is a little crazy when it comes to his grandchildren : ) He is always telling us to be more careful with the babies and other over protective comments.  But see, it's still sound advice....we can always be a little more protective : )  Anyways,  I can sum up my Daddy in one word: Faithful.  He is always faithful to provide love, help with problems, make it to tball games, make amazing meals and being there for us all the time.  Thank you Daddy and Happy Father's Day!!!

The other (newer) father in my life is my MAN!!!  He is just as wise and dependable.  I'm so thankful to have him as my partner in this journey in parenthood.  I've always been able to go to him for small issues and BIG problems.  The washing machine isn't working right, the kids have been going through some situation, when I've lost site of my priorities, the moments of being overwhelmed with all my obligations and many many other moments of going to him produce the same result....PEACE and CLARITY.  He helps me calm down, brings me into the light and most of all points me to Jesus!  I've always heard girls look for someone like their father and in this case I would say they are right.  Scott is just as good, level-headed and Godly as my Daddy.  Thankful I did not settle all those years I was waiting for "the one".  Single ladies....don't give up!  You want God's best for your forever *through rough times, kids, changes and lots of years* rather than what you assume would be your best right now.  GOD has been GOOD to me and I'm filled with JOY!  I love you, honey!  Hope you enjoyed your BIG day!

more on father's day in another post.  we made some fun surprises for our Daddy!!!


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