Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Catch Up: Thanksgiving

My camera died near the beginning of dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Grrr....
But I did catch a few treasures.
This is of my Daddy and the boy grandchildren. Some of you who know my family might have noticed a few extra cuties in this picture. My sister and her husband are gaurdians to the far left boys. We have grown to love them as if they've always been there. It has been fun to watch the boys play together over the holidays. Of course the girls were out numbered for the first time in many years!
N and Daddy. I love her in pigtails! : )
I'm a little uneasy about how gorgeous and grown up my niece is getting. Beautiful girl, inside and out!
Our Thanksgiving table and homemade place settings made mostly by the pretty girl above! : )

Of course, we all felt grateful for the many blessings God gave our family over the past year!


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