Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 12: What I've been craving and eating a lot lately: peanut butter & banana sandwiches!
: ) yum : )
Day 13: My niece Emerson came over to play while "L" was at school. The girls actually had fun together and I'm hoping for them to be good friends as they grow (hopefully we'll have that chance).
Day 14: Crocheting again (finally) and this is my latest project. Something for our photography visions with infants. Check out our photography at It's been hard to find a time and get back into the swing of crafting since we've gotten the kids.
Day 15: HAHA.... This picture cracks me up! This was seriously the ONLY picture we took this day and it's true to what it's been like the last few weeks. COLD weather and BAD backs and ATTACHED babies make for a very FULL couch! : ) We all look pretty rough in this picture, but it does depict REAL LIFE!


sarahe said...

your life seems so precious now! (and i'm craving the banana peanut butter sandwiches as well...will have one tomorrow!)

also praying that the kiddos have found their forever home w/you!

Paul & Merideth said...

Oh my gosh!! Are you kidding me!!?!? The couch picture is my FAVORITE! Even over the dresses/bows/shoes!!! And you KNOW that's sayin' somethin'! ;) Love it!! xoxo!

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