Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Candy Snob

My kids will eat any type of candy. The junky ones from the bottom of the bag, the bank's dum dum suckers and even old crusty Halloween candy. They have no bias when it comes to the delicious sugary substance. Sadly, I'm sure they'd both eat it off the ground if they had the chance. I however have a BIG prejudice when it comes to candy. You might even call me a candy snob.

I was thinking about this today as I was attaching candy to our church Easter invitations. We are having neighborhood Easter egg hunts and handing them out with all the other treats. It's a great outreach opportunity and we have such a great church...but back to the important stuff : )!

Candy. Even as a child I knew the difference between the off brands and the good stuff. Called me spoiled, I don't care. Don't give me no cheap hard candies with no labels. Please never try to pass off the off brand candy corn to me during the fall, I know when it's Brach's and when it's not. : ) As a child, I HATED it when a sweet elderly person would reach in their purse/pocket promising candy only to pull out one of those strawberry things!!! GROSS! And don't get me started with Reese's Cup posers. So the same is true for me this holiday season as well. I'm occasionally enticed by the thoughts of collecting the children's baskets after egg hunts to "responsibly" search through them only to hide the GOOD STUFF for me and The Man. Hey, don't judge....remember, they don't care. They'll eat the crushed butterscotch at the bottom of the bag. Don't worry, I'm only (half) joking!

Anyways, In the spirit of CANDY SNOB's everywhere I'm going to CELEBRATE the good stuff.


JulianneB said...

I so understand about being a candy, too. I prefer dark chocolate and I will not eat a toostie roll unless it is the only chocolate left in the house. Our kids used to not like chocolate only sour stuff so Halloween was awesome for Kevin and me. They grew out of that stage though.

Erica and Nate said...

oh Reeses love love

Paul & Merideth said...

I was soooo waiting for sour patch straws & gummie sharks to pop up on your snob list! ;) But smarties!? Eww. Gag. You and Paul ARE twins. Those nasty things are his fav too! Love you & miss you & wish I was there to munch sugary snacks with you!!!! :) xoxo!

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