Monday, April 4, 2011

My favorite pastime.

I like to use it in conversation like I'm heading to the Hampton's or a vineyard in California somewhere. But really alls I'm doing is...relaxing with my fam. No matter that it seems boring or mundane to most people... it makes me ecstatic. All we do is hang out on Bluff Hill, go to cousins games, visit family and eat out. Weekends bring me great joy and make me feel like royalty. The Man lets me sleep in, we make big breakfasts and all the everyday schedules go by the waste side. This weekend was no different:

Friday started a bit rough for our fantabulous weekending plans.... L had a stomach bug. But y Saturday morning he popped out of bed like he hadn't just lost half of his weight (joking, well sort of). So we decided to go on to Peyton's tournament that happened to be in town. * My family and hometown is the tiniest little town about thirty minutes from the city I live in now.

Remember how I love the show parenthood? It's because generally (not exact story lines) reminds me of my family. BIG, LOUD and ALL UP IN EACH OTHERS BUSINESS! : ) One of the first episodes, they were all in the stands cheering on a nephew. Well, that is exactly what we found ourselves doing yesterday. It's funny to see how defensive you can become when you over hear snide comments from other spectators. Everyone usually talks about how nice and sweet I am. Well, know that it's like waking a sleeping giant to hear you messing with my family! : ) Wow, I just sounded soo mean! Ha Ha. Anyways, this old man was standing behind the bleachers that were packed with the Caraway bunch. And he had a few comments that I was sure was directed at my nephew's performance. I ALMOST went back there to stand right beside him, but instead just kept turning to start at him as if in disbelief a grown man would put such pressure on a CHILD's game. Ok...I promise I'll get off this soapbox in just a minute. One last thing. I'm definitely competitive (ask The Man) and I can see when players aren't doing as they should. But again I go back to it's KIDS and they are just playing a GAME. And HE is my NEPHEW and well, he's pretty freakin' amazing! Ok.. I'm done. My sister and I kept laughing at how we might become "Those Moms" at our kids future games. And The Man just shook his head. : )

Anyways, we had a blast watching them. They happened to loose that game, but won the next. They ended up taking away 2nd place from the tourney. Go So. KY and GREAT JOB Peytie!!!
Day 103: We are so proud of our little Catcher!

We also started a new tradition at our home. L gets to sleep in his tent on the weekends! To this little boy, this is the BEST privilidege in the world. I don't think I've ever seen him go to be so quickly without a fight. I think he wanted his Daddy to stay with him, but Scott was just a little too long for the tent. : )
This is him before nap on Saturday...I'm telling you this made naps and bedtime so easy this weekend. I loved it!!! It also is getting us prepared for our hopeful camping trip this week!
Weekending also means eating all kinds of fun food. We consumed lots of nutritious and healthy meals .....oh and lots of cupcakes too!

Day 104: Out to lunch after church with my parents. Here is all the girls in our Sunday best!
Makes me sad for Mondays, except this week is SPRING BREAK!


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