Saturday, April 2, 2011

My week in objects

Day 87: Painting on a Sunday, just because! : )

Day 88: I know I know, but I had to give up my promises for this one. Seriously, this book makes me want to record The Man and my love story but just for us. I know a man that did that (the first ten years of marriage) and had it bound to give to her for their anniversary. What a GREAT gift!
Day 99: Laundry...everyday, but thought I'd get a REAL life picture of our living room!
Day 100: Doing anything to capture a little sunshine to bring into our home. With all the gloomy weather, sickness and just daily chaos... We NEED all the sunshine we can get. I think my favorite bouquets of flowers are the ones randomly thrown together. Like this one, just a few blooms stuck in an Alle 8 bottle. Makes me HAPPY!
Day 101: We had a meeting with one of our brides for this year and everytime we get ready for a wedding....I get sooo PUMPED! This is a photo book of various wedding shots we've taken. Love it and excited for all God is doing through our little business!
Day 102: Mommy/Daughter pedicures (from home of course).
She was so cute walking around looking down at her toes, saying "It cute" over and over!


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